Up the Lazy River

17 07 2017


Mohamed Noor once lived and worked in St. Louis.

Remember the last controversial police-involved shooting in the Twin Cities?  Philando Castile was a St. Louis native, and he is in fact buried at Calvary.  This means that anything goes wrong with cops in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, it’s going to have a St. Louis connection.

One more thing:  I wonder if this Mohamed Noor is related to Mohamud Noor (note the different first name spelling) that tried to become the first Somalian elected to the Minnesota state legislature, the long time Jewish incumbent beat him back on several challenges.




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17 07 2017

SMH article doesn’t even mention the cop’s name much less anything interesting about him. They do mention “Women’s March,” though.


17 07 2017
17 07 2017

Prediction: If they can’t play this off on violence against women in the generic or cops in the generic, then they’ll quickly drop this whole story, so that nobody catches on to the Somaliness of the cop.

17 07 2017
17 07 2017
Alex the Goon

“Minnesota Man” is “Formerly from St. Louis” is “Minnesota Man”.

17 07 2017
David In TN

Yes, it’ll probably go down the memory hole after a week or two. The feminists almost never make anything of white women killed by nonwhites, whatever the scenario.

18 07 2017
18 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Diverse Affirmative Anti White Cops. What could possibly go wrong? What are laws to these creatures? Laws are not a feature of the Stone Age they are accustomed to. Have you ever wondered why telling these cretins that they get arrested for crimes and not racism is meaningless to them?
Its a Stone Age thang. They see the badges are not on their “tribe”. Seeing other tribes wearing badges, they ASSUME its a tribal thang. See what that IMPLIES? If THEY wear the badges, their TRIBE rules and other TRIBES are the criminals “Breaking the Law”.

18 07 2017
18 07 2017

Bottom line, he was Somalian. Broomstick boy be damned.

19 07 2017
Stan d Mute

Maybe now NWLLM (Nice White Lady Lives Matter)?

But seriously, given that we know we got here because of Nice White Lady activists and agitators and voters along with some of their Cuck husbands, is it ok not to feel bad? I mean this NWL was about the penultimate wasn’t she? A veterinary surgeon who instead chose to sell hopey feely liberal unicorn fantasies?? She probably wanted to go give officer blackity black a hug when he saw her coming he shot her in self-defense.

19 07 2017

The two Noors are not related. That said in passing about ZOMG BACKLASH.


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