I Beg to Differ

18 07 2017

Fox Park

Au contraire, Mr. Z.

There actually is “parenting” going on.

I screencaped this very interesting YT comment from several months ago.  Click to enlarge.

Which means Mr. Z’s assailants did what they did for, among other reasons, at the behest of their mother(s) in order to supplement her/their income.




3 responses

18 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Parenting beez a White Thang Zorro. They pops em out and goobermint pays for them. Who will pay for these mistakes? We needs a big screen TV for the stories, and new shoes for the new problems for society.
Why do the Moon Gawds not answer the black folks who cry out for Corn?

20 07 2017
Nicholas Stix

Three generations of criminals are enough!

20 07 2017

From the comment section: “Their moms teach them that robbing white people is their right.” Closest to the truth. And not just their moms but BLM, virtually every black speaker or writer, liberals in general, the media, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell etc., etc., etc. All based on the great blood libel of black economic and political oppression. They live far above their abilities because of whites, and as the excuses fall away with time their screeching gets louder to hide the embarrassment of that truth. Airing the reality that blacks aren’t economically oppressed, just the opposite, is the most powerful meme that can be pushed.

The real problem here is this society’s anti-hygienic policy of subsidizing illegitimate birth which has its worse effects among low IQ blacks, who make up the majority of violent criminals in these cities. Getting somewhat back to UBI from the other thread, one possible solution would be to offer these “ladies” on welfare a fat bonus for using long-term birth control, say $500 a month, to be suspended for 5 years if they have another kid. Paying that extra 500 would be lot cheaper in the long run. Of course we could just mandate birth control, but neither the soft or the hard approach is ever going to happen in this sick, dying empire, paralyzed as it is by race.

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