Murray’s Straw

19 07 2017

Washington, D.C.


Today the San Francisco Chronicle: “Why Universal Basic Income is Gaining Support, Critics.” Apparently — and I knew it wasn’t a one-off. I knew when Zuckerberg did this that it wasn’t just something he thought of the night before amd decided to mention the speech. I knew it was a campaign. It’s what the left does. They come up with campaigns. They strategize these things months, years in advance. Zuckerberg was the rollout of it.

The next aspect of the rollout is today in the San Francisco Chronicle, in which many renowned thinkers — including many libertarians — are eager to sign up and support this. The libertarians, one of them is Charles Murray, who is one of the most profound sociologists and political scientists in the country. Many people have assumed that Murray is conservative. He’s actually more libertarian. But he says this is a great idea if the guaranteed universal basic income replaces all welfare, all food stamps.

And I think they’re reading Murray’s support for UBI all wrong, “they” include Murray himself.

The Charles Murray who now advocates UBI, or rather recognizes the inevitability of it, isn’t doing so because of or in spite of his right-libertarian ideology.  The Charles Murray who is doing so is doing so because Charles Murray is the co-author of the most important book about burgeoning and ossifying inequality written in my lifetime, although, since hardly anyone actually read the book in question, hardly anyone actually knows it’s about burgeoning and ossifying inequality.

To put it another way, the straw stirring Murray’s UBI drink is inequality, not libertarianism.

As for Zuckerberg, I think his motivation is far less sincere.  I think he’s trying to paper over burgeoning and ossifying inequality in a superficial sense, so that people don’t notice how unequal the scales are in favor of people like Mark Zuckerberg.




5 responses

19 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

First they laugh at you, then they humiliate you. They send alien xenomorphs to attack you. And when they don’t get you to surrender your guns, they grasp at straws, and use delaying tactics while trying to regain some new narrative before they die in a fire.
Don’t be a cow man. They are no gawd. Zardoz bleeds.
If it bleeds, I can KILL IT.

19 07 2017
Alex the Goon

If it bleeds, I can KILL IT – That sounds vaguely misogynistic.
I think the Left in general wants to extend Welfare, as a people-destroying implement that’s worked so well on blacks (i know, they were broken already), onto the whole population.
Zuckerfagg’s angle: If we (((let’s you-and-him))) pay people to ditch work, they’ll waste even more of their lives on his shitty website.

19 07 2017
Col. Bunny

BOI isn’t something that’s inevitable. Free enterprise constantly stirs the pot and people rise and fall. Nothing ossifying. . It’s also not the distance from the Buffet/Soros/Zuckerberg/Adelson heights that people should focus on but their height from what men have suffered forever.

That said, leftists twist any debate as though advocates of free enterprise swear the system is perfect. We don’t. It’s why there are laws concerning damages for breach of contract, fraud, unfair competition, workmen’s comp, anti-trust, etc.

The bad effects of financialization, low interest rates, QE, massive spending, crony capitalism, repeal of Glass-Steagel, etc., need to be dealt with to keep the system honest. UBI is a cheap, lazy, and reckless way of attempting to deal with this complex problem and is no improvement on current welfare madness. We need to nd welfare not fool with UBI.

20 07 2017

Open borders, anchor citizenship, UBI, oh yeah, that’s gonna work out well. Bottom line: when you have a third-world population you’ll be a third-world nation and unable to afford a fancy military and welfare programs. Conservatives and libertarians tend to paint the invaders as only economic units that magically don’t have much of an effect on culture and politics, but these invaders will demand positions in political, academic, and military leadership and the usual hilarity will ensue. The business is going bankrupt and they’re talking about remodeling.

As for motivation, it’s more fake greed-concern from the rich, funneling all of society’s wealth toward themselves while promoting pie-in-the-sky-not-gonna-happen schemes that show meaningless concern for the poor. As a bonus (((Zuck))), his ilk, and leftists love sticking it to whitey and anything that causes whitey pain is catnip to them, whether it’s cuckold working him to death to pay for black and brown bums, or making him watch his wife or mother being subjected to a racist rape, it turns them on. Literally they get off on your pain and discomfort. Simple, hateful, emotional satisfaction is a major motivation for their actions, even when it is against their best interests in the long run. But you can’t make conservative whites and right-wingers understand this, they’re constantly looking for secret plans.

20 07 2017

I’ve watched Murray for a long time and while he’s done some good work, in some areas, he’s utterly clueless. Here’s a guy who makes a tidy living writing and collecting checks from alleged “non-profit” organizations rendering opinions on how to fix the problems of other people who actually have to crack a sweat to make a living. I’ve watched lengthy interviews with him where he worries that a “trade war” with China will increase the cost of goods for the lower caste that he says he worried about and they’ll suffer because of that. The blinding, rocket-powered, circular illogic of statements like that is infuriating. Mark (the self-proclaimed Oracle of All Knowledge) Levin does the same thing. Fox News Alert: the “trade war” started in the 1970’s and we lost. A long time ago. All that is happening now is the mopping up operation. Both of these guys (appear to) have no idea what wealth is or how it is created. Hint: collecting a commission on inbound containers of substandard, Chicom shit is not wealth creation. It’s currency accumulation. There’s a difference, brainiacs. Hamilton (not my favorite Founder) figured this out 200+ years ago but I guess nobody bothered to read him.

Libertarian types who make a hobby out of figuring out how many libertarians can dance on the head of a pin are just as infuriating as the commie cult members when it comes to how adept they are at wilfully ignoring human nature. Since the issue of the welfare state and its primary and secondary beneficiaries are too unpleasant and complicated to deal with, let’s do more of it! What a concept! [insert face-palm] Why didn’t anybody think of this before? [insert double-face-palm] How many sneaker manufacturers are there in the US? How about we lower the corporate tax rate on sneaker manufacturing to ZERO, impose a 500% import tariff on turd-world sneaker imports, turn off the Free-Shit-Army money spigot, and see what happens. First.

One only has to look at the Soviet Union or its satellites to see the corrosive effect on a society of a UBI. Or Detroilet. Or Kentucky. And as for the Murrays and Gates who have the luxury of sitting in their studies listening to the chirping birds out the window while pondering a world where robots design themselves, I’ve been to the 1964 World’s Fair. While I may be able to get a Dick Tracy wristwatch or a Bell System PicturePhone today, I’m still waiting for nuclear power to be too cheap to meter. Murray can get back to me after we stop letting the turd world feed off the corpse of America.

Murray may be driven by a worry about inequality but he’s so smart he’s trying to solve the problem by starting in the middle of the flow chart. Zuckerborg is doing it because he’s evil.

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