Puggg’s Mid Week Wrap-Up

26 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Yeah, it’s me again.  I know how much you loved it on Sunday.  So I’m back with a middle of the week version.

1. They’re kidding themselves if they think that trees and shrubs and bushes and a little extra concrete and changing the striping and doodling around with the stop lights will make a difference.  Remember a story our normal host had here a few months ago?  Natural Bridge Avenue through the city is probably the most dangerous part of the country when it comes to murders.  So it is my take that the reason it is so bad when it comes to car on car and car on pedestrian accidents or “accidents” is related to the reason why it’s so bad for murders.  And we all know what it is.

2. See how they try to make this the victims’ fault?  They were just sitting in their cars, not driving them.

3. When lesbian “marriage” collides with black crime.

4. I think what’s really going on here is that they’re trying to find a way to set a lower bar for the black districts.  But with the matter of being able to transfer from non accredited districts still being hot, as we’ve all read here over the last few years from our usual host, I don’t mind at all.  Do whatever you can to keep them accredited.

5. I saved up four stories about the Somalian cop in Minneapolis.  Here, and here, and here, and here.  The mystery to me is that in his early 30s, he was making pretty good money doing property management around these parts, mainly in the Metro East, but getting close to mid life, he all of a sudden decides to shift gears and go into law enforcement?  That the bad vibes part of the whole story.  Ordinarily, it would cause the brass of any department or agency or office he would be trying to join a lot of concern.  But we all know why everyone looked the other way.

6. This is bush league of you, Trump.

7. The first thing I thought when I heard about this San Antonio illegal immigrant truck tragedy is that the driver is a professional coyote-smuggler.  There’s something else to know about him.

8. A bit surprising to me, because I thought Trump was cool with the whole LGBTQ program.

9. Remember the prediction our host made a few weeks ago?  It’s not true yet, but stuff like this should make us all think that it will happen.

10.  I know they mature faster, but if he’s really 14, then I’m still 14.




7 responses

26 07 2017
David In TN

I think I’ve been around longer than anyone who comments here. I’ve never heard such a bush league comment by a President directed at his Attorney General. Usually the AG is the cabinet member closest to the President.

And there have been some low characters in the Oval office in my lifetime.

26 07 2017

Like a lot of things, it’s a double edged sword, which sometimes has to cut you in ways you don’t like.

26 07 2017

Puggg, you’re doing a great job.

26 07 2017

I do what I can, with my writing style that’s slightly below average even by the standards of cops.

26 07 2017

LOL! Puggg, you are an excellent writer and hope to read a book of your CurveBell City experiences as a LEO (just don’t let Hollywood ruin your book with the usual crappy movie). I am always captivated by the true, non-PC, unedited stories that my LEO friends tell me over a few beers. It’s truly frightening when I hear about the stupidity, callousness, brutality, viciousness and complete idiots that LEO’s must endure each day to keep the public safe.

26 07 2017


My county is just about all white, the scant few blacks that live here are young mudsharks’ boyfriends that they haul down from the city.

30 07 2017

Thanks for that description and I am relieved you are not in the STL war zone. However, you’re still a great writer with ideas! Thanks for keeping this going for the Blogmeister. I wish he had a PayPal button (that I requested a year ago) so I could send beer money for this wonderful site. I really appreciate the time, effort and entertainment you both provide for all of us. Thank you.

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