Puggg’s Sunday Wrap-Up and Open Thread

30 07 2017

Guest post by Puggg

1. Remember they tried to make the excuse that it wasn’t this and that the real cause was that people were worried about the election?  (On a Sunday afternoon?).  Well that all has been blown out of the water.

2. About this Pakistani IT scandal that revolves around Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  How were these big sums of money so easily able to be wired out of the country and wired to a known suspicious country like Pakistan without scrutiny from the Feds?

3. Schnucks is going to experiment with shelf stocking robots in three area stores, and one of the three is the one that is closest to where our normal host lives.

4. Our host’s distrust toward the new St. Louis City Circuit Attorney seems to have been borne out.

5. What’s really going on here is that she’s looking for just the right affirmative action hire.

6. Even in our kind of websites, there has been little talk about the weekend black riot in London.

7. You’d think they’d spare the really important crucial people this kind of drivel.

8. I know considering everything I shouldn’t be making a wise crack about this sort of thing, but here goes anyway:  Demetric kilt D’wayne.

9. Because many first world countries have cities full of third world people. They’re making it too hard when it’s that simple.

Anything else you want to chit chat about, there’s the comment box.





3 responses

30 07 2017
Alex the Goon

Shelf-stocking robots. Now all they need are robot-driven trucks, and robot customers with RFID Paypal chips in their foreheads.

30 07 2017

All major U.S. cities are now run by libtards/(((libtards))), sodomites, and vibrant diversity. St. Louis is just one of those suiciding itself. Watch police/legal dramas on TV or see them at the movies. All of the police chiefs, mayors, judges, et al are all negroes, women, sodomites– you get the picture. Life is starting to imitate art.

31 07 2017

I am sure that Demetric is a responsible Hood Rat who carries decent auto liability insurance (in addition to paying his full Obamacare premiums). Not. That’s why I try to steer well clear of these areas when driving.

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