Minor Scare

8 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

The uncle called me this morning and told me he had to take our normal host to acute care, and would call back later with details.  I got said later call back with details a few minutes ago.

He woke up this morning doing a lot of vomiting and having a lot of nausea, and feeling weaker than usual.  Traumatic brain injury features vomiting, nausea and full body weakness as symptoms, so that’s what the uncle was worried about.  The doctors at acute care were worried about the same thing, and re-ran all the brain scans that he had after the “accident” just to make sure that there is no delayed onset of a brain bleed or brain bruise.  Good news is that there’s none of that, and since food poisoning was ruled out, the docs working their next hunch drew blood and discovered a bacterial infection, and they think what happened was that he’s just now getting around to feeling symptoms from an infection that set in to the accident wounds, perhaps one he contracted while admitted, because hospitals are bad for germs.  They didn’t give him a script for an antibiotic because the symptoms aren’t that serious and worries about antibiotics becoming ineffective.   But if he does get any worse with the symptoms, they will write him the script.  Otherwise, he’s back at the uncle’s house now, where he’ll be doing a lot of resting for the time being.

What it means is that this isn’t a setback on rehabbing on the brain injury.

I was planning on visiting him this evening even before I found this out, but double dutch so because of this.




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8 08 2017

Keep us posted as conditions warrant. I’m still rootin’ for him :)

8 08 2017

Yes, I was finally able to go visit him this evening. A few things at work that came up at the last minute meant a mid-evening visit, but I was able to do it.

The good news is that, after he rested to make up for the sleep he lost overnight, he’s back to full strength, meaning that whatever he had wasn’t even an infection, as such, but one of those short term illnesses that everyone gets from time to time. Most people just sleep off these kinds of things, but when you’ve had a traumatic brain injury, you can’t dismiss symptoms like these, you have to make sure that they’re not related to the brain injury.

When I got there, he was on the treadmill. For as much as we’d all wish his brain would get back to normal, back to what it was, one thing I will say that’s a good sign is that he’s doing well in the physical activity department. Over the weekend, he said he even played tennis with his cousin’s (the cousin being the only child/daughter of the uncle he’s living with) husband. Of course not Roger Federer level, but still. That, with all the reading and watching he’s doing, means that he’s doing everything he can to be more than just a useless slug sitting around doing nothing, even if he’s still a long way away from getting his “creative churn” back. That and the physical activity means he continues to lose needless pounds. One thing that’s helping him is that his mental lethargy means he has no real stress. And of course that will come back if and when his mind resets properly.

9 08 2017

Poor guy :(. Please tell him I miss his posts on American Ren. Praying for a full recovery for him!

9 08 2017

I’ll do that, but it’s just about likely that he won’t remember you personally by name, because his most recent memories are probably going to be the last that come back to him. That is, if your name is relatively new to his memory. He definitely remembers AmRen, and it’s almost certain he’s been reading it every day since he got discharged and settled into his uncle’s house. But, until he gets what his rehab therapist calls his “creative churn” back, he’s in no mood to be mentally creative enough to write comments there, or write new posts here, or anything.

10 08 2017

Someone just left a comment here that had a good question, but I had to delete the comment because of one word, and whoever you are that wrote the comment, I think you know the word. Otherwise, he’s got a lawyer handing not only all of that you’re asking about, but also working with his uncle to keep his personal and business financial lives afloat so that, in the hopes that full recovery is soon, he’ll have everything to go back to, though there will be a lot of picking up the pieces.

10 08 2017

I’ve lurked here for years and have enjoyed his snark all of that time. You are doing a great job standing in and providing updates. Now , more than ever, we need rational, reasoned arguments on our side and this blogger was such an asset in that regard. I feel the loss.

10 08 2017

I called him a few minutes ago, and here’s the two important things:

(1) He’s starting to re-gain his ability to touch type on his own, which probably means he won’t have to learn it all over again, which probably also means that his brain is starting to repair itself, though he said that since he learned how to type in the 5th and 6th grades, he’s been doing it for so long that it’s an example of a long term deep memory that would come back before his later experiences

(2) His rehab therapist suggested today that, if he has no medical episodes or bad setbacks say, in the next week, that he should try living a day or two by himself at his own house, just to be in a newer place in his life surrounded by newer objects and memories, in the hopes that this triggers his more recent memories. As of now, he’s staying with his uncle in the house that his uncle has lived in since 1978, so he’s surrounded by long lasting long standing memories, while he has only lived in the place where he’s living now since spring of last year. This can only be a thing where he does do it for a day or two, because he’s nowhere near being able to try to drive again, and driving might still be something he might have to re-learn rather than it all coming back to him.

21 08 2017

Fuggg you , Puggg. It’s that exact arrogance that will result in the police finding they have no allies, left or right, in the war on cops.

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