I Have a Different Interpretation of This Photo.

9 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg.

This tells us how we’re supposed to interpret this photo.

But I think that this photo has just about everything you need to figure out why this little slice of a place is the way it is, including three homicides in the last month.  If, for no other reason, we see a toddler only in diapers and nothing else left to run around, as if his parent or parents, probably single mother, doesn’t care.  The picture points to parental nonchalance.




8 responses

9 08 2017

I could tell it was public housing because the lawns were maintained and there wasn’t trash everywhere (humans aside), coupled with the high homicide rate.

9 08 2017

duh….mah Sister from a different Mister

9 08 2017
Alex the Goon

“Who me? I dinduit!”

9 08 2017
David In TN

It’s in the same vein as all the hand-wringing articles about “Young black males are the most common victims of gun violence.” It sounds like the guns go off by themselves.

They almost never report they are the main perpetrators of “gun violence”

Or it’s “they grow up in crime-ridden neighborhood,” and “black kids are forced to attend failing schools.”

On and on.

10 08 2017


19 08 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Hi, my name is Puka, I live on the second floor.
You pay to feed me Today, and Tomorrow I hate you even more.
I don’t care what any you say, all my baby momma wants is you pay.
And I might just kill you anyway.

23 08 2017

I always like to talk to Countenance whenever something Alt righty got mentioned on Rush, today Mark Steyn was filling in and he mentioned Steve Sailer and his “war on noticing” idea. Outstanding!

24 08 2017

Follow up.


It says the mother was sitting on the front steps very close to where the boy was standing on the sidewalk, so if that’s true, he wasn’t running around unsupervised.

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