Three Years Ago Today.

9 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I was on duty at the time it happened, and at that time, I did mostly jail guard and inmate transport duties.  Within an hour of when it happened, the news got to my ear.  “Officer involved shooting in Ferguson.”  Okay, I thought.  Dog bites man.

We all know it turned into man bites dog.

If something like this was ever going to happen in the area, I wouldn’t have ever guessed it would have happened in Ferguson.  I would have guessed it would have popped off in one of the worst of the worst parts of the city itself.  When I think of Ferguson, I think of owner occupied working middle class and about half and half on race.  What I didn’t realize until it all popped off is that in the parts of Ferguson close to Jennings, there are big apartment complexes, full of people who used to live in the worst of the worst parts of the city.

It wound up changing my life because the local law enforcement response drained man-hours and people from all over the area.  I pulled a lot of extra hours filling in for St. Louis County doing regular patrols in South County, and all the overtime I worked for several months made me a lot of extra money which I used to pay off every penny of debt I had other than my mortgage.  After things calmed down and everything got back to normal, I was permanently transferred out of the jail and to regular patrol, and also have gotten two promotions since then.

I’m hearing things now about how the people in the local media are mad at the national media for hyping up the whole thing, making it seem worse than it actually was, and the locals are quietly accusing the nationals of agitating much of the thing.  With the right law enforcement response on the night of the first rioting, which wasn’t until the second overnight after Darren Wilson met Michael Brown, and a national media not looking to create a serial story, the whole thing would have been put down and over in one night.




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9 08 2017
9 08 2017

The media wanted turnout for the 2014 elections, and as our regular host points out, no one better try to stop Section 8 vouchers.

Instead, so much of it has backfired on them, see Chicago, City of.

9 08 2017
9 08 2017
Alex the Goon

The hell? I could maybe understand naming her that, as a stupid memorial. But she was born a year before Mike-hell was keeled like a dog in the skreet.
A million monkeys with typewriters would never replicate Shakespeare. All they would ever create, are more names for black kids. Actually, I’m beginning to believe those million monkeys exist somewhere.

10 08 2017

Just read this Puggg and QD. Prayers for a quick recovery, I know you can do it, QD, you’re a tough, indestructible bastard!

Look forward to your return.

Best Wishes,


10 08 2017

Tough and indestructible isn’t what he needs. Mental resilience in his current predicament is a paradox when his brain is where the problem is.

11 08 2017

Take him to a Cards game.

20 08 2017

No, the whole thing could have been put down and over in one night. But that would have required the will to do it. As we saw in Ferguson, and again in Baltimore, and now in Charlottesville, that will doesn’t exist. The authorities, including the police, have declared for the mobs.

There is no legal avenue for dissent.

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