A Change of Pace.

15 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Our regular host has written so many posts over the years that it’s usually the case that, when I myself find an interesting story, I can enter a few search terms into this blog’s search box and there will be an old post of his about what he’d probably write about the matter if he could right now.

Here’s what our regular host had to say back on October 11, 2015.

Guys, in the huddle.  All guys, any race, and I guess I have to include women who are transitioning to men; since they want to be one, they better learn the tricks of the trade.

White Knight and Captain Save-a-Ho only works on TV and in the movies.  Here in the real world, it usually ends badly.  Most often, her man whacks you around or worse, and the woman hates you for trying to save her.  Occasionally, it’ll end up for you like it did for Mr. Turner here, and for the other people whose stuff was burned.

And it doesn’t matter that the “Ho,” in this case, was his own mother.

If she really wanted out, she knows the phone number to 911.

Now here’s the new story.

See how it fits?  His mother’s boyfriend was a 26 time loser, two of those were for domestics against her.  Yet, she still lets him back into her life, and he does what he already did to her twice, and probably more in actuality, to her again.  Her son plays White Knight and saves his mother from him killing her, killing him in the process.  Yet, he’s the one in trouble.  When none of it had to have ever happened, but it all happened because of her.

And yes, I’ve seen first hand in my career how it went badly for teenage boys and young adult men, right here in my own county, with my own eyes, when they White Knighted for their mothers against her abusive boyfriends.




One response

16 08 2017

I have good friend that’s head of security at a “pole palace”, lol… The lumpenproletariat have their ways, and a trampstamped lifelong ho’ is never worth emotional investment, much less personal suffering. Unless you’re getting paid well…

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