One Month Later.

17 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I paid our regular host a visit this evening.  Saturday will be one month after the “accident,” but I’ll be busy starting tomorrow all the way through eclipse day on Monday.  This is why I’m writing this post as the one month later post, because I won’t be able to write any posts or visit him until at least Tuesday.

He’s really not doing any better or worse.  He said that he had a bad Tuesday two days ago, really didn’t get out of bed to do anything that day, even though he didn’t feel physically ill.  But he bounced back from that the next day, and it looks like all systems are a go for him to go to the eclipse, as he was always planning to go to the prime eclipse point near Carbondale, though now his uncle will be going with him and doing all the driving.  For what I’m thinking, maybe this trip, being as it will involve a little bit of travel, and involve doing something that’s been one of his long time interests, will jog his memory and lead to a faster recovery.

Today was also his last rehab session until Tuesday, and the therapists are also aware that it has now been a month.  He told me that they told him, and later, when I talked to the uncle, he told me the therapists also told him, that the second month will tell the tale, if he gets any better mentally, and how much better he gets, and how fast he gets better, between one month after and two months after, will tell the tale on how well he’ll ultimately be able to recover.




9 responses

17 08 2017

I’m bettin’ he gets better :)

18 08 2017

Enjoy the eclipse, and I hope everyone stays safe.

18 08 2017
egregious philbin

that man doesn’t know it, but he saved me back in November. i was on a horrible family visit 2 FL, & the only positive thing that kept me sane was his twitter stream of hilarious ripostes to some “school to prison pipeline” conference. if it was not for him i would not have survived that trip. i will always remember that & smile. i hope he heals. he helped me heal.

18 08 2017
19 08 2017
egregious philbin

major thanks! i am so thankful for this.

18 08 2017

Thanks Puggg! Praying for our blogmeister. Good luck during your eclipse duty.

18 08 2017

QD…fight. We love ya brother. We need you. The struggle is the meaning.

20 08 2017

Enjoy what you can of the eclipse – I know you were looking forward to it.

30 04 2018
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