Someone Got Her Hand Caught in the Assassination Jar.

17 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Yeah, she was a big loudmouth during Ferguson.

She says that people were afraid to go outside when Ferguson popped off.  As I remember it, there were plenty of people who weren’t afraid.  And that’s why it started a chain reaction of draining down law enforcement resources and leading to so many overtime hours, me included, that I made so much extra money that I paid off every penny of debt I had other than my mortgage.  That doesn’t sound like people were afraid to go outside, even if the ones that did were the wrong people.




3 responses

17 08 2017

That’s called a ‘silver lining’, isn’t it?

17 08 2017
Alex the Goon

Silverback lining

17 08 2017

While MOrons like this are letting their insanity run wild, let’s have a hate-fact.

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