World War T’s Battle of the Grove.

24 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Here’s the back story.

Here’s what actually happened at the vigil, and of course a lot of people are drawing the similarity between this and Charlottesville, and considering the circumstances of me being here to fill in and write guest posts, I suddenly have an even greater disdain toward running over people with cars than I did before July 19, even though the analogy is not a perfect match when it comes to Charlottesville, because that will be shown to be self defense.

As I read through all this, I see the transgender status of the man-woman-he-she-it as a detail that’s not germane to how his-her life ended at the hand of the cop.  But it’s because of that that the rainbow flag people are trying to make it into a transgender thing, they’re trying to convince us that his-her being transgender is the only reason why the cop “murdered” he-she-it.  That’s why they had this rally last night, along Manchester between Kingshighway and Vandeventer, which has a lot of gay bars and gay establishments.

In the second photo set of the second article, photo 4 shows in the background what looks to me a cross between the antifa flag and the gay rainbow flag.




6 responses

24 08 2017
24 08 2017

Why no tickets for the people congregating in the street and blocking traffic?

25 08 2017

Dontcha love the smell of diversity in the morning? Do we know what vibrant neighborhood these “partners” lived in?

25 08 2017

if the incident happened on the north side on Ridge Avenue, why are they having a protest all the way down in the Grove?

28 08 2017

Lots of gay bars and establishments and gay activist outfits in Grove.

28 08 2017

The fewer the trannies the better. No loss.

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