Going Swimming.

28 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I’m going to Houston, to help out with emergency law enforcement needs there.

Looters, beware.  Uncle Puggg is on his way, with his baton.

As for the matter of our regular host, I visited yesterday, and called this morning before I left for Houston, and there’s been no real change in his condition or state. It’s pretty much the same listless and lethargic, day in and day out. Come to think of it, it’s too bad that there’s not an eclipse every day, because eclipse day a week ago was the only day since he’s been out of the hospital that she’s shown anything close to sustained mental spunk.  I think that we’re at a point where it’s pointless to talk about his condition on a day to day basis unless there’s some sort of acute onset of something good or bad, because anything that happens good or bad will happen really slowly. Other than that, everyone involved is hoping that he has a good September rather than a bad one.  That’s another thing, since he was discharged from hospitalization on July 31, it makes more sense to think of his recovery in terms of whole calendar months, meaning a whole recovery month fits in a calendar month.




8 responses

28 08 2017
robert kramer

Be safe and thank you.

28 08 2017

Just to calm all your nerves, I’m probably not going to be asked to wade through waist deep waters in order to whack looters with my baton. It’s going to be more like I’ll be filling in for the mundane calls and duties for agencies out in the suburbs that are on higher ground by Houston area standards while their regulars who know the area are deployed close to and into flooded areas.

So, no, no baton, probably not.

1 09 2017
Nicholas Stix

God bless.

29 08 2017

But will your baton float?

29 08 2017

Much to the chagrin of the occasional person I have to use it against, no.

29 08 2017

There is already video of looting in Houston so hopefully you won’t be going to those areas. Naturally, it’s the usual suspects.

29 08 2017

geez, h8 2 hear that the vegetative state is looking pretty permanente pretty much the same as his hometown…sure hope that unlike his ol’hometown that he’s not suffering any pain

29 08 2017

He’s not, or at least he doesn’t say that he is, suffering any constant physical pain, but he does say that it hurts to think, in the true sense of presenting pain.

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