You Don’t Say.

31 08 2017

Guest post by Puggg

What have we here?  A white-hating black serial killer in Kansas City.




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31 08 2017
David In TN

At the bottom of the above link we find:

“Comments have been disabled for this story.”

And the facts are played down (if not denied) anyway.

A while back, the Blogmeister said a reason several black serial killers in Los Angeles escaped detection for decades was the “quasi-official line that there are no black serial killers.”

2 09 2017

Don’t go east of Troost… ancient KC wisdom. Although, reading city-data one night, a local advised not to go east of Holmes.

So what white will use the Indian Creek trail again? White social capital shrivels again. Stay indoors, watch TV. Turn your back on your neighbor.

These murders fall into what I call borderland murders, areas where mostly white neighborhoods border on black areas. I think those are the most treacherous areas, whites assuming they are safe enough to be pedestrians.

4 09 2017
David In TN

It’s already out of the news. Now, a news blackout for the next 2-3 years until the trial.

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