This Certainly Complicates Things.

5 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

The uncle called me this morning, and of course I then put in a call to the lawyer, who soon returned my call and we went over what of what the uncle told me I could write about here and what not to.

Our normal host had seizures late last night, the uncle took him to an ER, and he’s probably going to be in the hospital for at least the rest of today and part of tomorrow.

Docs tell the uncle that any chance he had at a relatively quick and full recovery, as low as they were before, have now gone down to zero.

I’ll update in this post’s comment section as developments and the lawyer’s permission allows.




9 responses

5 09 2017
egregious philbin

i’m sorry to hear, but thanks for telling us. sometimes countenance would post something succinct on SL/MO politics that was so universal it would blow me away. he had a way of doing that. thank you for helping him.

5 09 2017

Since there were no more seizures since the ones late last night, and the brain and head scans and tests done yet again just to be sure showed no swelling or bleeding or contusions or anything else wrong, he’ll be discharged this afternoon, and probably already has by now, with an anti-seizure med.

What really concerns everyone is that he had a seizure now, whereas he never had one even in the day and a half after the initial “accident” when he was unconscious. It means that his driving an automobile will be out of the question for quite a long time, and the docs are predicting that even if there are no more seizures, that there’s going to be a month to two of serious mental nonchalance, that he won’t be interested in anything. Whereas in the first month and a few days of recovery, after being discharged on July 31 and what happened last night, at least he was passively consuming a lot of material and seeming like he was interested in it and understood it, and using his uncle’s mini-gym, even if he hardly did any talking and nothing in the way of creating. He probably won’t be doing any of that for awhile.

I myself will be headed home tomorrow.

5 09 2017

We miss him. Thank you for the update Puggg.

6 09 2017
Nicholas Stix

I am acknowledging your missive, but don’t quite know what to say, otherwise.

You might just tell our friend, and/or his uncle (again), that lots of people are praying for him.

6 09 2017

Was this ‘accident’ just an accident?

6 09 2017

Legally speaking, yes, because, in Missouri, distracted driving due to electronic device is not a criminal violation in any way unless you’re under 21.

6 09 2017
Alex the Goon

A not-an-accident would have been a hit-and-run, at a much higher speed.

6 09 2017

Chalk up another one in the prayers column.

6 09 2017

Not writing much owing to the forest fires/pollution situation in these parts. But I join my voice to others in most profound respect and support for the Count.

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