Going from Bad to Worse.

6 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse.

Blogmeister Dumpty had a great fall late this morning, which twisted his ankle.  Scans done at acute care thankfully show no bone breaks.  But one thing his rehab docs are worried about now that this happened is that there’s no way of knowing whether this happened for the usual reasons why anyone has a fall, or the more worrisome possibility is that his brain damage is starting to make him lose control of his motor function.  If these falls keep happening, or something else that points to the brain losing control of motor function, then we’ll know the answer.

Acute care recommended that to the extent he has the desire to walk around for awhile, that he do it on crutches, and, at least to the few words he felt like speaking to me over the phone just a few minutes ago while I’m at a pit stop on the road home, the ankle and foot hurt like hell and he wouldn’t be able to walk without crutches anyway.  As always, almost all the information I get comes from the uncle, and now, anything I write here, the lawyer clears.

Brain damage, plus having to worry about recurring seizures, plus a badly hurt and swollen ankle, all on top of crutches.  I tell you, he’s in really good shape, ready to take on the world.

When I get back into St. Louis some time late this evening, I’ll be visiting him before I go home myself.




7 responses

6 09 2017
David In TN

To second my friend Nicholas Stix, I don’t know what to say. My anger toward the complacent, imbecilic stupidity that caused this has increased by a factor I can’t count.

6 09 2017

Proprioceptors rewire slowly, and if the brain is massively hacking through neural sites in its recabling of various functions, falls become more likely.

Been through this myself, and it is a b****rd. Also discouraging.

Crutches–can he use a walker or one of those scooter things for the affected leg? Crutches are hell on the body.

I’ll close by echoing David’s comment. I have always thought that driver’s licenses should require far more keen vetting. But retailing transportation to the masses was the approach chosen in the 20th century…and so….

7 09 2017

By the time I got to the uncle’s house last night, the uncle told me he was already asleep, even though his ankle is hurting bad enough to keep him from sleeping that well. I’ll try again some time today.

7 09 2017

Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with.

7 09 2017

I dropped by again around noon. Turns out what he has is a walker, not crutches, and also temporary use of a wheel chair. Thankfully there were no bones broken or no fractures, so all of it is just swelling from the ankle sprain, meaning it should heal pretty soon. Once that happens, then there’s the matter of everything else.

8 09 2017
egregious philbin

hey man, thanks, & take care of yourself thru all this.

8 09 2017

I’m mentally preparing myself for doing for Irma what I just did for Harvey.

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