They Never Think These Things Through.

8 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Remember when everyone around here was so happy that the State Highway Patrol was going to start taking over patrolling the interstates in the city and other state maintained public roads in the city for speeding and traffic violations so that it would free up SLMPD patrols for chasing around and arresting dindus.

Well there’s been a wrinkle that’s developed that nobody thought of when they started it.

When a local LEO representing a local LEA writes you a speeding ticket in his city, you have to handle it through the city’s municipal court.  Once upon a time, these courts were called “police court.”  If the state’s LEAs get you, then it goes through the county’s circuit attorney/prosecuting attorney office.

Here’s where the wrinkle comes in:

When it was SLMPD writing speeding tickets in the city, first off, they weren’t writing that many of them, relatively talking, because SLMPD has a lot bigger fish to fry.  And what tickets they did write, went through the city’s municipal court.  Now that it’s the MSHP patrolling the city, but only roads on state owned right of way, they’ve written a lot more tickets, because they don’t have anything else to worry about, that was why they were brought in, but that’s not even the biggest problem.  The problem is that flood of tickets have to be handled by the St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s office, and they never had to handle traffic tickets before, because, like I said, they all went through muni court.

What it means is that probably all those tickets that MSHP is writing in the city will have to be dismissed, and furthermore, even if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be routed through city muni court anyway, meaning the city is losing out on all that fine money.




3 responses

8 09 2017

Twenty years ago I had some bidness to do in St. Louis and while I was there I located the JR Cigar store downtown and got some nice stoagies. It’s late in the afternoon, there’s lots of traffic, and I need to make a left turn somewhere. I pull up to an intersection packed with cars and there are 75 signs at the intersection, one of them being a not very large no-left-turn sign that I didn’t pick out of the collage of other signs. Apparently I wasn’t the only person to make that mistake because when I make the left turn, Officer Friendly is posted on the corner for the express purpose of catching people who make that same left turn. Naturally, he’s one of the older, paunchy guys that would otherwise be doing a crosswalk detail at the highschool if he hadn’t been posted on that corner. There wasn’t anything unsafe about the left turn, it was a tax trap. I spent years driving in midtown Manhattan traffic and survived, so it’s not like I’m completely clueless. The officer could have been out there directing traffic since St. Louis wasn’t interested in upgrading their traffic lights to accommodate left turns (and lose out on all of that money) but nooooooo. So since then I’ve never returned to St. Louis, and would never return – for any reason. In fact, the last several times I’ve had to go across country, I’ve gone hundreds of miles out of my way to avoid the entire state of MO so I wouldn’t have to drop any gas taxes or sales taxes on fast food. St. Louis probably has bigger fish to fry today than it did 20 years ago but that experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that I will never set foot in, or do business with anybody in MO as long as I live. Now, I don’t have a problem with police. I’m related to a lot of them. I married the daughter of one of ’em. In an earlier lifetime I used to fix 2way radios so I’ve had my head in the trunk of more cruisers than you can imagine. I do have a problem with public officials who hire police and then use them as tax collectors. It’s not like there aren’t enough felons with half a dozen priors and outstanding warrants they could be tracking down instead. Sorry guys, but maybe STL might want to consider raising tax money a different way.

10 09 2017
Dale Gribble

back in the day city cop traffic tickets went to Kiel auditorium hiring a lawyer for them meant a reduction of the ticket to loud muffler
Some days the judge and prosecutor were late so the bailiff who was uncle festers twin would write down all the pending tickets to muffler citations so as to not delay the lawyers there waiting for court

12 09 2017

I lived in St. Louis. It is a typical nigger-fuxxated, Democrat/union city with its dark web of corruption. For many years now, both jew and goy liberals have become the city fathers/councilmen/ward bosses or whatever they are called there and have implemented typical Marxist policies and views. I too would drive down-town and marvel at the ‘No Parking’ sign that was posted in one place for an entire block so that you would not see it from 50 yards away and get popped for illegal parking. Now, with the city proper run by niggers, I am sure that it is even worse.

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