Trying Something Different.

8 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Our regular host is spending the weekend with me, staying at my house.  Yes, you can take that to mean that his ankle is feeling a lot better, and he can now stand up and walk on his own with very little pain.  Reason I’m doing this, with the uncle’s permission of course, is that I want him to see something different than what he’s been seeing almost all the time since July 31.  Plus, since his car is still in my driveway, I’m going to see if at some point over the weekend if he remembers that that is his car, though when I bought him here a few hours ago, he didn’t seem to know that it is his car, even though he did actually see it.  I guess at the moment he thinks it’s my own second vehicle.  I’m also going to ask him to take care of my three dogs (guess which breed) while I’m at work, and I know that’s a little bit of a risky venture.  I’m going to pay close attention to how well he does that.

If I’m not here for work or any other reason, and he starts seizing, and he knows what to watch out for, he knows to call 911.

So far, just the few hours he’s been here, he’s been the same dull, lethargic, listless, passive, uninterested, mostly non-vocal, non-creative, that he’s been almost all the time since he came out of consciousness while still in the hospital a day and a half after the “accident.”



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8 09 2017
Paul Rain

They’ve got to be pitbulls, right?

8 09 2017

I’m still prayin’ for him :)

9 09 2017

So there’s a “g” for each one of your pugs, huh?

10 09 2017

Still hoping for a full recovery. Thanks, Puggg, for the updates. He’s lucky to have friends who care for him.

10 09 2017

Okay, his uncle just picked him up to go see his mother for Sunday dinner, so his weekend at my house is over, and because I had to work both yesterday and today, most of it was by himself.

The good news is that he did what he needed to do with my doggies, and one thing he didn’t need to. One of the neighbors said he saw someone who was not me walking my dogs both yesterday and today in the noon hour, up to the end of the street, back to where the street meets the other street, and then back to the house. I told the neighbor who he is and why he was at my house, and there was nothing foul going on.

The bad news is that he’s really not doing much of anything more than that which he has to do, from what I saw, and the uncle told me a short while ago when he came to pick him up that he’s the same way with him. If he spoke more than 20 words for the time he was here this weekend and I was home at the same time, then it was a miracle. The only thing I can see he’s doing other than what he has to do is reading, and in the matter of now, he’s reading something written by someone named Kyle Bristow.

Thankfully no medical incidents, like seizure reoccurrences.

But, in spite of seeing it in front of his face all weekend, he never figured out that the car parked in my driveway is his car. Speaking of, just to use all the gas that’s still in it, because the last time it was driven is when I drove it from where it was parked at the “accident” scene to my house back when he was still in the hospital, and since the last time it got any gas was no later than the accident day itself, July 19, and since automobiles tend to prefer using gas that was pumped into it in the same season that it is now, I’m going to drive his car instead of my truck to and from work for awhile until the fuel needle gets close to empty, then fill it up and then let it stay in the driveway again.

10 09 2017

Oh I’m sorry I just saw that he’s returned to his uncle’s house. Glad it was a good weekend! I’m guessing you have pugs? My cousins have a pug and he is sweet as pie :)

10 09 2017

His mother lives in assisted living, and on a usual Sunday, back when he had a fully functioning brain, he’d go to church in the late morning then to his mother’s assisted living apartment for Sunday afternoon dinner. Because his church is the highly brainiac type, the uncle tells me, he hasn’t had a desire to go since getting out of the hospital, but on most Sundays, his uncle takes him to his mother’s for dinner. It’s just that today, this Sunday, they had to go in the evening. After supper, they went back to the uncle’s house.

Stealth above was right, my nickname with three Gs means I have three pugs.

10 09 2017

That’s a good idea Pugg! Dogs, animals in general (domestic ones!) Are great. I hope it’s a huge help for Q.D. :) you have been a great friend to him and I’m glad he has you to help :). I pray this helps for his recovery. Thank you for the updates! I miss Q.D. from the other site. He always had great comments and I hope he can come back again someday.


10 09 2017

I’m glad at the very least my doggies don’t dislike him, then again, there’s hardly anyone they’ve ever met that they disliked. On the other hand, the only people they’re that friendly toward are of course me, and my parents, and the other close relatives that come by here every now and again.

11 09 2017

Great posts….I pray for QD every night……Thanks for keeping on Puggg,

12 09 2017

This is such a sad story. Please give us more detail on this ‘accident’ and the person who was the driver. This incident should result in a serious civil trial and judgement for CB man. I am skeptical that this poor man just so happened to be struck by some random car.

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