This Day Used to Mean Something.

11 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

We’ve pretty much totally forgotten and don’t anymore care one whit already, and all it took was 16 years.



7 responses

11 09 2017

And we still let them in more than ever. Another 16 years and it will be a Muslim holiday. Thanks for the updates on our blogmeister. God bless you.

11 09 2017

Let’s see, subnormal iq’s, 1400 years of screwing your first cousins, plus the death cult of Islam. What could possibly go wrong with that? Let’s bring some more of those friendly folks over here!

11 09 2017
Haxo Angmark

the Muslim patsies who carried out the 9/11 attack had no more to do with it than Teddy Kennedy with ((Manny Cellar)))’s 1965 White Exclusion Act. The principal criminals – Bush, Cheney, (((Feith))), (((Pike))), (((Wolfowitz))), (((Wurmser))), (((Zelikow))), (((Zackheim))), (((et al.))) are still running around loose.

the subsequent “Patriot Act” was no more or less than the Zionist Occupation Government Enabling Act.

11 09 2017
Alex the Goon

Saw a pickup with a big American flag mounted in the bed today. Uh, that’s nice, I guess. About an hour later, it dawned on me. “Oh, that.”

12 09 2017

Wake up from The Jew Matrix. Our illustrious jew friends submitted and passed the 1965 Immigration Act which cut off Caucasian immigration and opened the flood-gates to Third-World and muslim immigration. For the last 50 years, our government allowed millions of muslims, hostile to us and our culture, come into the U.S. They perpetrated numerous terrorist attacks against us here and abroad before 9-11. Our illustrious gov’t did everything in its power to accommodate the towel-heads and protect them from scrutiny (those Arab lobbying firms did their job utilizing our dollars paid to the towel-heads for their oil). A 9-11 was inevitable and to this day we have done nothing about it. I no longer care about ‘terrorists’ or ‘terrorism’ or ‘9-11’.

13 09 2017
Just another day? | Vanishing American II

[…] This blogger notes as I did inwardly, that there were very few blog pieces or even news stories from the controlled media about 9/11/01.  I also wondered why. […]

21 09 2017
Ben Frank

Leftism is a death cult. Before 9/11 people in US rarely thought about Muslims. Now that they have shown the ability to kill us, it’s all openness, respect, understanding and welcoming. Leftism is a death cult. The ideal leftist wants 2 things, first to watch you die, then to die himself.

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