Built-In Refutation.

13 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

It’s one of our normal host’s serial obsessions:

“It’s not just about police and arresting our way out of the problem,” Addo said. “We have to have something for people to do. Recreation. Summer jobs. Social workers in the police department.”

The Sept. 1 shooting that paralyzed Collier and injured two officers happened a block away from the Youth and Family Center, a nonprofit that provides programming and recreational opportunities for children and adults.

Employees there knew Morgan, the alleged shooter. He played basketball during open gyms. They said there is gang activity in the area.

Read the whole thing.



One response

14 09 2017
Alright Dan

I liked this part:

Cheryl Lovell, executive director of the St. Louis Housing Authority, said $1 million is spent each year for policing four areas in the city that have a lot of families, including Cambridge Heights.

“There is nobody on a lease with a criminal history, but it’s possible that people who visit do,” Lovell said. “We do criminal background checks on everybody who moves in.”

What I think she means by that is that these background checks are done on people who are officially on the leases of public housing units that the Housing Authority owns and operates and manages, not Section 8 rent subsidy leases with private landlords or property managers. An irony here is that the Feds are threatening to bring Fair Housing Act prosecutions or lawsuits against private landlords and property managers if they do criminal background checks on potential clients that have Section 8 vouchers.

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