I’ve Been Put On Alert.

18 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Just so you all know, I’ve been making updates as comments in the Stockley Verdict Open Thread post.

I just found out within the hour that I should be ready maybe as soon as tomorrow to be deployed to South County to fill in for County PD, because if this dog and pony show drags on for any longer, County PD is going to need the assistance to alleviate its own manpower and man hours issues. Remember that County PD is helping SLMPD in the city and police departments in the county where both the protests and “protests with benefits” occur.

With any luck, this will drag on long enough for me to make enough overtime pay to pay down my mortgage a good bit.  Riots?  Bad.  These “protests with benefits?”  Almost as bad.  Debt-free Puggg?  Good.




5 responses

18 09 2017

Always a silver lining …

18 09 2017

I Will be praying for your safety Puggg! You definitely have earned every penny and I hope you have enough to pay the mortgage and have some left over :)

18 09 2017

Don’t worry about me, south St. Louis county is safe almost all white suburbs. If this winds up happening, I’ll be doing regular patrols there because the St. Louis County officers who patrol there are hanging around downtown in the city and other parts of the city and affected suburbs. That’s what happened during the Ferguson hoopla 3 years ago.

Save your prayers for a certain someone who really needs them.

19 09 2017

The Spearchuck of St. Louis

20 09 2017

Wednesday morning. Since there was almost no protesting or “protesting with benefits” overnight, it looks like that bunch is getting bored and packing up and going home, and since I haven’t actually been sent to South County, even though, as you can read, I was told to be ready, it looks like I won’t be.

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