Lower Right Corner.

19 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

They print right there on these stickers an admission that it’s all a race hoax.

Which means the story is a closed case.

So why is the FBI wasting time?




4 responses

20 09 2017

Maybe, just maybe, the FBI is investigating BLM rather than seeking the ever elusive white racist. And even if the FBI finds out who did it, and it is a hoax (which is what it usually is), will the perps get punished?

20 09 2017

Lol oh my goodness Puggg…yes the FBI should investigate #BLM! (Smh)

20 09 2017

Along with that.


“Filthy N”

Is racist?

Yeah I know what the N is supposed to stand for, but why didn’t the “racist” just write out the whole word?

20 09 2017
Alex the Goon

Becauseracists are inbred and ignerent and cant spel lolololpp.

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