Playing a Game of Keep Away.

19 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Because of a lot of weird and suspicious things that have happened very recently that I’ve picked up on, most notably on two fronts, the uncle, the lawyer and I had a three-way call a short while ago.  When our normal host gets out of the hospital, he won’t be going back to his uncle’s house.  Even though he’ll still be under his uncle’s care, his actual location will be somewhere else, and I’m not going to give as much as a hint in public, and everyone else who knows where it is is going to clam up.  His car, which is still parked in my driveway, will some time very soon be moved to this unidentified house.

That lawyer really knew what he was doing when he put me on a leash, and wanted me to clear anything I write here with him.  Turns out it was a mistake for me just to say that his car is in my driveway.

What we’re doing is playing a game of keep away, keep the traumatic brain injury victim away from the malicious internet goons.




8 responses

19 09 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

I certainly have – at times – disagreed with our regular host, but wish him no harm and in fact am following everything you can provide, hoping for at least some recovery. The ghouls need to have something nasty happen to them. Good and hard.

19 09 2017

I don’t think you have anything to do with this. This has to do with a bunch of rumor mongering and accusations coming from two different swamps, which both need to be drained, and I’m going to use my cop instincts and whatever tools I have, even if they involve something official, to drain them, or at least keeping them away from him.

19 09 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

You certainly have my support.

19 09 2017

Oh Wow! That’s crazy! Ugh..i bet it’s like walking on eggshells trying to give updates! It’s understandable why the lawyer needs everyone close to the situation to be hush hush about stuff. I wish him nothing but the best.

19 09 2017
David In TN

I’ve been worrying about what you allude to from the start.

I’m still hoping our host will come back.

19 09 2017

Do what ya gotta do. Lord knows the world is full of bloodsuckers and there is always someone who will do *anything* to avoid responsibility or just screw somebody over for fun. Trust nobody, assume the worst. The intel community has a saying that goes “Paranoia is a survival skill”.

19 09 2017
Alex the Goon

Wherever the car gets moved to, keep the license plate(s) hidden from view. There are companies that drive around with plate scanners, hoping to sell location data to repo-men (and probably the gummint). I -highly- doubt they ask for a professional license before selling their data.

30 04 2018
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