Affirmative Action Bake Sale?

21 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Funny, I remember conservative / Republican student groups doing this kind of thing on college campuses, and every time they did, they got roasted over the coals.

I guess just as one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, the difference between “justice pricing” and “affirmative action bake sale” is all a matter of who and why.





One response

21 09 2017
Alright Dan

I already know how the SJW left will squirm out of this contradiction.

They’ll hand out this business that comes from Garry Trudeau about punching up vs punching down.

You see, when we do it, we’re emphasizing the LOWER prices for affirmative action groups, which both ridicules affirmative action and carries with it the implication that you’re making fun of (punching down at) people in the groups that benefit from AA. They’ll say “you’re otherizing already marginalized and dispossessed people from a position of power and privilege”.

When they do it, they’re emphasizing the HIGHER prices for the “power and privilege people” (white men) which means they’re punching up at privilege from a lower position of a lack of privilege. They’ll say that “we’re otherizing the oppressors on behalf of the oppressed”.

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