22 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Let’s discuss this.

What’s scary here is that this thing passed unanimously, in the board of aldermen of the very same city government that controls the SLMPD.  Now you can think that Stockley was wrong, but that doesn’t obligate you to endorse a resolution that glorifies a heroin dealer.  And that’s something this fancy resolution forgot to mention, that he was a heroin dealer. We’re all supposed to be worried about opiate pills which they keep saying is a gateway to heroin addiction, right?

SLMPD boots on the ground know this, but this certainly drives it home, that the city government that controls them sides with the people they tend to arrest rather than those who do the arresting.




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22 09 2017
David In TN

“… sides with the people they tend to arrest rather than those who do the arresting.”

It’s been that way for a long time in “urban” areas.

22 09 2017

St. Louis is governed by jeww and nigger libtards. Why is anyone surprised?

22 09 2017

Commies enable a situation where crime goes unpunished (not necessarily un-arrested, unpunished) to the point that white people leave, then subnormal IQ, incompetent, corrupt minorities assume political control, and the local govt spirals into a perpetual motion clownshow. The point of this is demoralization and it’s a technique widely used by commies and their tools. It demoralizes the white public, and it demoralizes the police. Not to gratuitously spam my video series (!) but you’ll probably recognize the incident in Richland County, SC which is a classic example and repeatable template. I discuss it at length in “The Zombie Army” segment of part 5 that starts at 00:44:57 here: https://youtu.be/6iiqBwO-g4E?t=2696

23 09 2017

Anyone want to pick apart what was actually in this resolution?

23 09 2017

“WHEREAS the baby-daddy of the deceased was MIA and three of his siblings had another baby-daddy, two of which had hoodrat names, one of which was spelled Antwan because nobody could spell Antoine; and

WHEREAS the deceased attended 2 different elementary schools, two different highschools, and appears not to have graduated from any highschool; and

WHEREAS the deceased hung out with his homies around the highschool by chillin’ at the Boys Club next door; and

WHEREAS the the mama of the deceased got him a job at McD’s as an assistant to somebody who could ring a cash register and count out the amount of change the cash register indicated; and

WHEREAS the deceased became a heroin dealer doing business out of a rental ride but was turning his life around so he could achieve his goal of becoming a hoodrat apparel designer; and

WHEREAS the deceased attempted to escape capture by nearly running over a police officer and recklessly endangering the public; and

WHEREAS the mama of the deceased got a $900,000 extortion payment from the Board of Police Commissioners in lieu of a riot but the riots happened anyway; and

WHEREAS an unremarkable, hoodrat drug dealer predictably lost his life providing an opportunity for destructive, commie-organized disturbances and riots costing the public untold amounts of more money while ruining the career of yet another police officer,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Louis that we pause in our deliberations to pander to dimwits and fellow communists while we demoralize anyone with so much as an ounce of common sense. ”

Oh, nevermind, none of that stuff was in there.

24 09 2017

Pretty much what I was thinking.

Her name is Annie, so three of her four kids are Anthony, Antonio and Antwane, yet she names the fourth one Trevin.

I find two different elementary schools and two different high schools as evidence that Annie changed residences a lot, but why no listing of any middle school? “He continued his education informally by…” I think means he dropped out of high school.

This thing about the Boys Club, remember our normal host’s serial concern is that these recreation centers don’t prevent violent crime.

His mama who works at McDonalds got him on there, and I’ve never heard of “assistant cashier” as an official job title. Who knows how long he was there.

Most of the rest seems to be untrue, considering he was a heroin dealer.

24 09 2017
Alex the Goon

She ran out of Ant-names, and had too much dignity to make up another one (e.g. Antwerpitude or Antacid or Anteater) as any other black would do. So, respeck for that.
What is an assistant cashier? Someone entrusted with pressing the buttons, but not touching the money? Or who’s allowed to independently operate the till, but has to log in with a senior cashier’s ID card?

14 11 2017
My Unique Take on the Jason Stockley Verdict and Aftermath (Plus the Denouement of This Evening’s Posting Storm) | Countenance Blog

[…] CHASER: The St. Louis City Board of Aldermen, the city’s legislative branch, passed a resolution back in September honoring a heroin dealer. […]

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