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23 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

No, not for our normal host.  Don’t worry, this isn’t more bad news about him.

There’s talk now that Amazon is about to scratch St. Louis off the list of places where it will put its much ballyhooed second headquarters, because of all the protesting and protests with benefits.  If that actually has happened, then it’s nothing more than over reaction to the fact that the news is making you think the whole area is some totally bombed out war zone.  I don’t know why, but something tells me that our chances to land Amazon were never really that good, and when they do pick a city and it’s not St. Louis, all this Stockley and evil white police talk will be used as a crutch and an excuse for years.




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23 09 2017
Alright Dan

something tells me that our chances to land Amazon were never really that good

Lambert is not a hub for any airline carrier. Which means higher cost of flying for business suits and everyone for that matter.

If Vegas was taking bets on it, I’d lay a nice chunk of change on Amazon choosing:


Mid size metro area, which Amazon claims to want.

But here’s the real ace in the hole reason:

Cincinnati’s international airport is a Delta hub.

Seattle (Sea Tac) international airport? Right, a Delta hub.

24 09 2017

Amazon is one of the most aggressive companies in the country at dangling “rewards” in front of jurisdictions to get “incentives”. In fact, I’d say they are the second most agressive, after the largest US exporter, who deals with foreign governments who know how to play hardball. This is the same game that our regular host commented on with the Sportsball stadium.

That other company’s biggest location is also at a Delta hub.

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