A More Talkative Mood.

27 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I paid our normal host a visit this morning, and he was in a more talkative mood this morning than he has been at any point since being let out of the hospital about a week and a half ago, so I am told, even though he really wasn’t that talkative in the greater scheme of things.  I hope this is the start of a long term improvement trend, but it could also be just a one day one-off, and he’ll be back to three steps above vegetative state by tomorrow.

He did tell me this morning that it is still the case that thinking too much still causes him physical pain, on top of physical pain he already has on and off for other reasons, and he also said something I should have figured out on my own and something I hope the doctors and therapists figured was happening, that he’s having nightmares about the impact (“every other night, so it seems”) which is both causing him to lose sleep and making him scared to go to sleep in fear of having the nightmare, and he’s also having wide awake flashbacks of the impact.  Sort of like PTSD.




7 responses

27 09 2017

I think it’s good that Count is expressing himself more. Perhaps a small part of his problem really is that he’s been traumatized, which can make one view the world and his/her life in a totally different light.

27 09 2017
David In TN

Oh, do I miss the comments our host would have had for the NFL the last few days. Envision the snarky reaction he would have to these dumber than a sack of hammers Victims of Oppression.

27 09 2017

He had an afternoon rehab appointment today, and the uncle called me just a little bit ago. He (our normal host) told the docs about his nightmares and flashbacks, and they said that, along with helping the body pains he’s having from the collision, one of the reasons they gave him a drug that I’m told is part of a group of drugs called NSAID is because those drugs have been shown to blunt dreams during sleep. Even in spite of that, he’s still having the nightmares, and they would be worse if he was not taking the NSAID, but the docs don’t want to increase his NSAID dose because of concerns over ulcers and stomach problems that they can cause. I am also told that he has not been given any kind of opiate and probably won’t be unless his pain gets wicked bad. Of course opiate and heroin addiction is one of my professional concerns on a constant basis.

27 09 2017
Alex the Goon

thinking too much still causes him physical pain
I’ve been hoping there’s a No Pain, No Gain angle to this. Like, maybe the pain will piss him off, and give him the determination to beat it.

28 09 2017

Poor guy! It does sound like PTSD :(. Praying for recovery of mind, body and spirit

29 09 2017

He was talkative yesterday, too.

But today, back to blah.

Up down up down up down, I’ve gotta quit putting too much hope in his temporary good days.

29 09 2017
D. Bag

Marijuana prevents dreaming by interfering with REM sleep, FYI, and can be useful pre-bedtime for those who may need to put a halt to nightmares for a period of time.

Just sayin’. May not be applicable in this case, but it does serve that purpose. Best of recovery wishes to our host in his recovery.

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