End of the Second Month.

30 09 2017

Guest post by Puggg

A month ago, we were hoping that our normal host would have a good September, a good second whole month of recovery.  As you all know, he hasn’t had one.  The chances of a quick and full recovery went out the window a long time ago, and now even the prospects of what he will recover to are uncertain.  The doctors say that compared to about a month ago, his memory retention abilities, his ability to keep up with fast moving sequences (speed of thinking), his mental sharpness, and his reaction time, are all demonstrably worse than they were during August.  Back in August, those things were satisfactory even if not that good, but satisfactory considering it was the calendar month after a traumatic brain injury.  They all went downhill in September.

We’re about to start a whole new month, October, the third month of recovery, or what passes for recovery, swimming blind in a sea of question marks.

Just to note, we, the key threesome involved in maintaining his existence during all this, his uncle, his lawyer and I, are so far happy with how Operation Keep Away is going.  And I can’t say any more than this, but the lawyer and I are making some good progress in uncovering and then squelching that which made us do Operation Keep Away to begin with.  Swamps are being drained.

Another thing that occurred to me this morning as we’re about to start October is that when we do make it to October, then officially, Backstoppers will be next month.  In a usual kind of year, our normal host and I would go together, most years both of us had dates in tow, and then after Backstoppers, we’d all go to the Soulard neighborhood to eat.  Of course I wear blue and he wears red because of our differing loyalties.  But this time around, I don’t know what kind of shape he’s going to be in on the night before Thanksgiving, if he’ll even be able to go, and if he can go, whether he’ll really know what’s going on, and if he does, whether he’ll really enjoy it.  I now know from experience that when it comes to these brain injuries and recoveries that take a long time, almost two months is an eternity where there could be a lot of ups and downs.




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30 09 2017

Wow…its been 3 months? It doesn’t seem that long but it is definitely a different story with you since you’ve been with him and involved in the situation. It’s great that he has you to be with him. It has to be hard seeing him the way he is now. Quick story:
I have a good friend who has bipolar and she went thru a rough spot and overdosed on her pills. Thank goodness she came out of that ok but she was manic and institutionalized for a few months. It was very hard to visit her because I didn’t know who I was going to see! Was she going to be cursing and loud (that was pretty funny and she laughed a lot then too) or was she going to be crying? She called me a lot crying and begging to be out of the hospital. I knew she was being taken care of but it was hard. I had a toddler at the time to take care of too.
She is pretty much back to normal but there are lingering scars emotionally from her experience. She is doing what she is supposed to by taking her medications. She doesn’t remember a whole lot from her time in the hospital and is pretty surprised when she hears from those who’ve visited her the stories they tell. Just remember, take care of you too. Make time for alone time to sort feelings out.


1 10 2017

We just finished the second whole month of his getting out of the hospital the first time, after being admitted because of the accident.

I’ve got some personal things going on in my life through all this, some of which I don’t want to say, but I will say that I’m going for detective, and made the decision to do so about when the summer started. As luck would have it, some of the things I’ve accidentally discovered in keeping up our normal host’s online life, the things which meant that his uncle, his lawyer and I started Operation Keep Away, are helping me practice my detective skills.

30 04 2018
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