Open Thread.

9 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Work has had me busy for awhile.  One day last week, I had three major situations to deal with on one day, and over the weekend, there was another one. Speaking of work, some time through the week next week not this one, I’ll have some either yea or nay news about another step up the ladder and and another salary increase.

So I haven’t had time to do my fill in guest posting about news.  I have been keeping up with our normal host, and there are a few things I’d like to write here about what has happened here in the first part of October, but the lawyer’s permission is pending.

In the meantime, I’ll treat you with an open thread, and a starter story.  That Alabama county has Gadsden, and Wikipedia says it’s 83% White 15% Black and the rest others.  So it doesn’t strike me as the kind of county that would have STD rates that are twice to three times that of St. Louis, depending on the particular STD.  The reason they gave for their error does seem to be bureaucratic fibble bibble, even though I do think their first reported numbers and rates were outlandish considering their race demographics.




One response

10 10 2017

See here:

Start at page 49 and note how they express the rates of infection among minorities as multiples of whites.

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