Ferguson Effect in the County That Contains Ferguson.

11 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

“In 2014, the county as a whole ended the year with 34 homicides. That number jumped to 65 in 2016, about a 91 percent increase, according to statistics from the Missouri Highway Patrol.”

What happened somewhere in St. Louis County in 2014?




2 responses

11 10 2017
Alright Dan

“The majority of victims are men, and range in age from 10 to 80 … ”

That narrows it down quite a bit. BTW, 10-year old men?

12 10 2017

After adjusting for the statistically common under-reporting (by victims) of Type I offenses….that’s steep.

I noticed that the *average* age of the deceased was 35, but thats hard to square with the rest of the profile, I’d expect a lower age.

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