Enemy Territory.

12 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

One of the TV news photos from the scene overnight last night of the SLMPD detective getting shot on the south side.  Jefferson Avenue and Cherokee Street, to be more specific.

There’s that business right there on the corner with the lighted sign that says “foam”.

I had a hunch, so I searched our normal host’s old posts.  And, tah dah.




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12 10 2017

Alderman Christine Ingrassia said on Twitter that her children, who were in the audience with her, saw someone get punched for urging others to let the mayor be heard.

And that bunch of rabbles wants us to take their gripes seriously?


12 10 2017

Just in case some of you were thinking, I was on the other side of the county yesterday, so I wasn’t called on to respond to that scene. But it was the big news yesterday so of course it was the big shop talk, so I already knew of the surprise twist, which of course became public today. My working theory is that one of “them” is or was a boyfriend of one of the trailer park girls, so that’s why they were hanging around there, they knew the park, and guessed on one of the trailers being a good joint to burglarize. Almost all the time we have to deal with “them”, and it’s not very often, it’s guys that girls around here who are into “them” haul down from the city and call them their boyfriends.

12 10 2017
13 10 2017

Speaking of “we wuz kangs”, here’s a little bit on the rich legacy of Africans. This particular segment hasn’t gotten a lot of play but if you want to see why it’s retarded to remind people that you’re an “African-American”, watch this:

16 10 2017
14 11 2017
The Foamer’s Dilemma (My Somewhat Unique Take on the Psychology Beind the Anti-Cop Activism of Urban White Leftists) | Countenance Blog

[…] also see during my involuntary sojourn, Norm showed you the story of a SLPD detective being shot on the corner where the coffee house called…, Foam of course is one of the big hubs and nodes for white leftist anti-police activism in the […]

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