The Third Month of Recovery.

31 10 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Overall, this has been another bad month for our normal host.  But it may be the case that this may in the long run turn out to be the sheep of a good month disguised in the wolf’s clothing of a bad month.  Only time will tell.

The way that this has been a bad month, and let’s go with bad for a moment instead of good-disguised-as-bad, is a way that, while I have clearance to tell it, I really don’t want to say because of how personal it is for his sake.  If he ever really recovers, I think it should be up to him on whether to tell the rest of the story.

I will say these things:

First things first, he has not had any sort of falling into unconsciousness events, either slipping into a coma or otherwise passing out.  No seizures.  Nothing that means having to go to the ER, acute care or be hospitalized.  Not since a month and a half ago, the coma event that happened at the time of the Stockley verdict around here, has anything like that happened.

That which made this month a bad month only showed up for the first two thirds of it.  On the 21st, it’s like a switch flipped, and those storms ended, and ever since then, he’s been more back to what he was in the optimistic recovery month of August, with a few exceptions, and I’ll get to those.  Which means that if you consider this post to be only about the second half of October (remember my post back on the 16th about the first half of October, when I also announced that I made detective) then it’s been good news.

He has been complaining to the doctors about vertigo this month.  Strange as it may seem, this may actually be good news in a way.  You see, the doctors think that he’s actually had vertigo on and off ever since he regained consciousness about a day and a half after the “accident” and that he’s only complaining about it now.  Like they say, you don’t get hit in the head that hard and not develop vertigo almost immediately.  The doctors say that if that’s the case, then the fact that he’s just now getting around to complaining about something he’s actually experienced on and off all along (during recovery) is much better news than the possibility that he’s just first now developing it.  If it’s the first idea, that he had it all along and is now complaining about it, then that, combined with that which made the first 21 days of this month (seem) really bad, actually adds up to a lot of good news, meaning his brain is starting to do some serious self repair. If he actually is just now developing vertigo, then that’s bad news, and indicates that the storms of the first 20 days of this month were also bad news.  If I’m leaving you confused with all this, remember, I don’t want to discuss the things which made the first 20 days of this month really bad.

The other slight problem in the last half of a month is that he’s been throwing up a lot abnormally, and the doctors doubt it’s an infection causing it because he’s not suffering any of the other kind of typical symptoms that those with a case of an infection usually have.  They think it has to be related to the malfunctioning brain.

His appetite has gone way down.  What little he’s eating, it’s quality food, but it isn’t much.  That’s provided he can hold it down, and like I just said, that’s been easier said than done in the last two weeks.  But that’s also good news disguised as bad, because, since his ability to stay upright on two feet remains to be an uneven proposition, which means his wheelchair is still his best friend, he’s obviously not getting any good physical activity, which means it’s a good thing he’s not eating that much.  In spite of the improving prospects since the 21st, that hasn’t changed his shaky “ambulatory” (as the doctors put it) abilities.

What it all means is that I have a slight ray of hope for November for him, that we may be on the verge of a really good month, but as I’ve learned through all this, don’t get too hopeful about improvements because he’ll start going downhill on a dime, but don’t get too despondent about degradations because he’ll start going uphill on a dime.  Because of that, I still have to admit that that when it comes to the overall trend line, ignoring up down up down, he’s still trending downward.

As for me, personally, I wanted to get this end of the third month post in early today, because tonight is Halloween.  You know what the bulk of my work tonight will be?  Not making things safe for kids begging for candy when it comes to the traffic.  No, I’ll mostly be chasing around registered sex offenders and their listed addresses to make sure their house lights are off, because that’s state law.  As in past Halloweens, those of us who have these duties will wind up discovering a few phony addresses (registered sex offender claims to live there but doesn’t) which means a warrant will be issued for them because of that. I should say that on this day and night, I’m glad I’m not in Lincoln County or any of the munis in Lincoln County, because when it comes to this thing, they’ve got their hands full.




5 responses

31 10 2017
Alright Dan

Yeah I’ve heard that about Lincoln County. What’s up with that?

1 11 2017

Don’t know precisely, but I bet the state prison one spot north of Lincoln, that being Pike, which has Bowling Green, where the prison is, where DOC seems to like to send a lot of St. Louis area sex offender convicts, has something to do with it.

31 10 2017
Col. B. Bunny

You are a good friend.

1 11 2017

Thanks for the updates. Will continue prayers for good months more than bad. Hope last night was not too crazy for you. I took my son to a nice neighborhood with people we know well. The police did patrol and there were lots of kids out. Police deserve many kudos to help keeping kids safe on nights like halloween.

23 01 2018
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