Best News In Months.

13 11 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Since a call from a certain ER staff to me late in the evening on July 19 got this whole emotional ball of yarn rolling, and for most of the time since then, I’ve been worried about hearing my phone ring during an odd hour, because calls during those times can only mean bad news.

My phone rang just a short while ago, and I had to look twice at the caller ID to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

I answered, and I sure wasn’t seeing things.

This, being just the opposite, the good kind of phone call.  Especially since it happened during the 11 o’clock in the morning hour, not the 11 o’clock in the night hour.  It’s been a real long time since I’ve been so thrilled in a happy way to answer a phone call.

I was right a few days ago about that instinct I had about that “somebody might be home” look in his eyes meaning something.

It was the first phone call he has made since the “accident”. Well, actually, the second, because before he called me, he called his mother, and now that he’s done with me, he’ll be calling his lawyer and then one of his doctors, and after that, I’m sure he’ll be calling some other people. Still, today is the first day that he’s in good enough mental shape such that he feels like making phone calls and talking long enough like someone who makes them.

Among several things we talked about, and some important things, I reminded him of what you’re all reading, this very blog.

You know, if you’re all good, and if you all behave yourselves, and if you all eat your vegetables, and if you all wash behind your ears, and if you all sit, stay and roll over upon my command, and if you all stay quiet and form a single file line as you walk out the door, and if you all go to bed by your appointed bed time, then maybe just maybe very shortly here, you’ll be reading something here that isn’t a guest post by Puggg.  If that doesn’t happen, I’ll come through with a doggy treat as a consolation prize.




6 responses

13 11 2017
Alright Dan

Could it really be?

I think I’ll open up and eat a can of carrots just to make sure it happens.

13 11 2017

Great news!

13 11 2017


13 11 2017
David In TN

My dog just barked from the front porch. This means she wants a treat.

14 11 2017

Oh wow!!! That is great!

16 11 2017
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