Another One of My Bold Predictions (Kappa Alpha Decoupled)

14 11 2017

Tallahassee, Florida

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By ten years from today, which will be November 14, 2027, there will be an official and consummate decoupling of formal Greek letter fraternal life (if not also sororal) from the college and university system, both in terms of physical geography and financial relationship.  The only open variable is whether the future history of this divorce will give most of the credit to the schools for kicking the frats out or to the frats for leaving the schools.  Probably it will be roughly even-steven.

It will probably look like this:  In smaller cities organized around land grant public colleges, e.g. Columbia, Missouri, each Greek letter organizations will own and operate a house off campus, in or near Columbia, but won’t in any way on its official title link itself to the University of Missouri.  In big cities and metro areas with a lot of colleges, e.g. St. Louis, each Greek letter organization will own and operate a house somewhere in the area, not on any campus, but relatively central to all the campi in the area, and the house will serve students of all the colleges in the area who will join that frat or sorority.  As a matter of fact, I think the decoupling could go so far, combined with the coming bursting of the higher education bubble, and the feminization of more and more colleges, (and the feminization of tertiary education dynamically relates with the trend of colleges purging frats), resulting in more and more men passing on college, that fraternities will increasingly start recruiting non-college men, and since, like I predict, the frat houses will soon be off campus and not formally linked to any school at all, it would be an easy thing to make happen.  They’ll have to make plays for non-college men, simply because the supply of college men is going to dwindle.  Meaning that frats will become Lions and Elks for young men in general.

With the news out of Tallahassee during my involuntary sojourn, and with the war that schools have been waging on frats for awhile, this isn’t exactly a ballzey prediction.





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15 11 2017
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