Appetizer For Tonight.

14 11 2017

Guest post by Puggg

I see Blogmeister is going to unload on everyone and everything some time this evening, and all I can say about that is that this evening can’t get here soon enough for me.

I also see he’s going to have something to say about Detroit.  So, as an appetizer, I’ll throw a link up to this video from Detroit.

One of that video’s comments said that these guys are probably just practicing for jail.




2 responses

14 11 2017

Walter Gildersleeve.

I noticed you used his video about the 50th anniv of the Detroit ’67 riots.

Interesting back story re him: He was principal in a group called Detroit 300. They were more or less street vigilantes who tried to keep the local undertow in line. “Tried,” because they couldn’t succeed, because some local black bitches sued them out of existence, because “youz allz wuz bwutalizing our babiez.” That’s what they said, but the real reason was because the Detroit 300 were doing too good of a job making life really inconvenient for the local dope dealers and dope boys and dope sets, and this was eating into the income that they made on behalf of “dey mamaz,” who were surely some of the self same black women that sued the Detroit 300.

You’ll find that that kind of thing, dope, and subversive thinking about the politics behind it, is one of my running themes for tonight’s post storm. Which I’m still working on right now, not counting this my coffee break.

14 11 2017

Trump telling the hoodrats and black political looters that they deserve safe neighborhoods can be translated to “we cuttin’ yo EBT”. Shaniqua and her 5 Future Felons of America (on welfare + Section 8) provide a crib for her dildo-du-jour Shitavius to crash at after a hard night of armed robbery, carjacking, drug dealing, home invasions, murder, pimping, and rape. Shaniqua wouldn’t have that big screen tv, the bling, etc., if it weren’t for Shitavious’ criminal enterprises. “From welfare to work…” Ummmm not in Shaniqua’s career path and same goes for Shitavius. “Safe neighborhoods” is a threat to put Shitavius out of business. Not gonna get any “Amen”s in the hood for that. Turn off EBT, Section 8, and drug dealing, provide a job a monkey could do, and all hell will break loose.

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