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14 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

A few bonus observations on lesser importance news items that I saved, and a few other quips.

* Tony Messenger be like:  “DERP, he’s back.”

Don’t worry, Tony, I’m going to wait for awhile, provided I actually ever improve from my current improved state, and as you all know by now, that’s hardly a given.  Because, if and when the day comes I can resume being a thorn in your side, I want to be an effective PITA.

* I’m so old that I remember when being a goat is something you didn’t want to be.  Now, being the GOAT is something everyone wants to be.

* Twenty years from now, I fully expect to see some ancient Baby Boomer tell us that 90 is the new 80.

* Least Common Multiple: During my involuntary sojourn, usually either Norm or my uncle, or occasionally someone else related to me, would go to where I legally still reside, and fetch my snail mail, and of course really important mail was diverted to my lawyer’s desk. Of course, since it will be awhile before I can either live on my own or drive a car, they will have to keep doing that. Anyway, back in August, one of the pieces of junk snail mail I got was, ironically, considering what I just wrote, a solicitation from the Automobile Association of America (AAA) to join. I know, right? They want me to join a car club in a physical state of being unable to drive a car. One of the items in the envelope was two “AAA” silver sticker decals together, one on top of the other. Hmmm, I thought, six instances of the letter “A” — That could be either two automobile clubs or three drying-out clubs.

* In September, someone stole a small trailer full of tools and hardware owned by St. Louis Habitat For Humanity, the trailer was parked somewhere in the 7000s of Vermont Avenue in either the Carondelet or Patch neighborhood.  My current emotional reaction upon reading the story today with some semblance of my cognitive function restored is somewhere between schadenfreude and irony.

* Ferguson-based Emerson Electric wants to buy Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation. Not only do I think that this would be a merger of somewhat compatible businesses, but I also think that if the merger/buyout/hostile takeover happens, the new combined firm will be based in Milwaukee. That’s because Emerson’s real aim here is to concoct an excuse to move out of the Fergaza Strip — Remember, Emerson’s world HQ is high on an escarpment that overlooks what was Ground Zero.

* Back in August, a 17-year old rapper with the stage name of Tay-K 47 and the legal name of Taymor Travon McIntyre, was bagged and tagged in New Jersey because he went on the lam from a case in Fort Worth, Texas or thereabouts. Since he was extradited back to Texas, he’s been charged with two separate murders. And while he was on the lam in ‘Jersey, he is suspected of violently assaulting a man whose last name is…


Also during his Garbage State sojourn, he did a rap video which later went viral, which starts with him posing next to his own wanted poster. Because, by the time he did the video, the official authorities already suspected that he was in that area. In the video, he not only pretty much confesses to one of the murders, he also alludes to his own assault against Mr. Pepe. The video’s very title, “The Race,” is an allusion to his decision several months prior to split out and go on the lam.

Which is why I say: If they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous, but thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.

And also, he lost the race. Sure, they can sprint, but not for long.

* Soft Power Empire: The chief political rival and thorn in the side of Andrej Babis, the new Trump-ish Czech prime minister elected several weeks back, is one Jiri Pehe, who was once a high adviser to the Vaclav Havel, who was post-communist Czechoslovakia’s first head of state and then the first head of state for the Czech Republic after the partition.

Jiri Pehe heads up New York University’s satellite campus in Prague.

Like I said, Soft Power Empire.

* Not So Soft Power Empire: Four American soldiers being killed in a terrorist ambush in Niger made Lindsey Graham be like: WTF, we got troops in Niger? Yes, Lindsey, you of Invade-the-world-invite-the-world fame. We have troops in Niger. There is an easy way to tell that we have troops in Niger. Because Niger is a country, and a country NOT named Russia or China.  If it’s a country, and not named Russia or China, then we either have hard or soft power assets there.

And once again, the English language media are falling all over themselves to pronounce Niger the French way (Neeh-GAIR) instead of the English way (NYE-gher). They did this the last time Niger was in the news, back in 2002-3 when Bush 43 et al. claimed that Saddam Hussein tried to buy some uranium cake yellow cake birthday cake from someone in Niger, the media did the same thing. It’s as simple as the fact that they don’t want to screw up and slip up and say the English language version of Niger that has one extra G.

* Jeff Flake is not going to run for re-election. Everything we ever needed to know about him, we found out just a few months into his first and what will be only term in the Senate, when he took his two sons on a “survivalist” vacation on a deserted Pacific Ocean island. At that very time, Flake was one of the Gang Bangers of Eight, trying to flood the country with more people. So, that which he wants for the whole country, every place being more and more crowded, is that which he gets away from when he goes on vacation, in the complete tee total polar opposite sense.

* I know that this is hardly the first time for this kind of thing, but I think the 2017 Virginia Governor’s Race was and should be the textbook archetype of the two credible major party candidates who are in reality so much alike pretending to be so drastically different, and the Exhibit A of the neoreactionary cautionary tale against the farce that is democratic republicanism.

* Not surprising to me at all, about the skill of the Irish. Awhile back, I read a paper that showed that Irish Catholics and Scandinavians are the two ethnic groups in the United States that rate the highest at being able to punch above their weight in terms of political involvement, when controlling for a lot of factors, and it is that controlling which means that Jews did NOT rank highly in that study, that Jews really don’t punch that much above their weight considering their natural advantages.

* The unsustainability of the Olympic Games model in terms of expenses was a problem that became apparent after the tab that Russia ran up to host Sochi 2014, and became obvious the next year when there were only two bids for the 2022 Winters, Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan, and all the IOC had to do is vote once and whichever got more votes than other got ’em. (Beijing, ICYMI.) The problem became even more starkly apparent in the two years since then, concluding in what the IOC did during my involuntary sojourn. The only two bids for the 2024 Summers were Paris and Los Angeles, both bids were quality and plausible and had roughly equal IOC support, and nobody seemed to be interested in bidding for the 2028 Summers. So the IOC decided on giving either Paris or LA 2024 and the other one gets 2028, and as it was worked out, it’s Paris 2024 and LA 2028. This gives the IOC eight years to figure out what to do about economic sustainability of hosting games, before it has to pick the 2032 Summers host site in 2025. However, before then, in two years, it has to pick the host city of the 2026 Winters, and only seven cities have thought about submitting bids, none actually have yet.

I would imagine that it’s going to shake out that a very small coterie of cities that can host either summer or winter games on a whim and can afford the costs will be chosen to rotate the hosting of the games. Cities that get into the rotisserie will be of the sort where almost all of what would need to be olympic venues are already built and being used for other purposes, and all it would take is minor renovations and spit shine and polish, and of course the logistics. I know that L.A. could host summer games and Salt Lake City could host winter games in short order.

* Why are feminists suddenly on a rampage against sex robots?  Because feminists, largely being low-rent bottom-of-the-totem-pole women on the dating and sex market, already have enough competition from human women to get men to check for them, the last thing they want is even more competition from robotic women.

* There’s a punchline hiding somewhere in here, but damned if I can find it:




10 responses

14 11 2017
Alright Dan

Posting storm? Naw, it’s a posting avalanche.

It’ll take me the rest of the week to take this all in.

LOL on the last item in this post.

15 11 2017
Alex the Goon

I dreamt a few nights ago that Bloggermeister Meisterblogger was “back”, and posted several items in one day, as if July never happened. The dream lasted only a few seconds, with no emotion attached or anything stupid like that; just me checking my daily bookmarks and “Ah, he’s back. Well ok then.”
I felt like dropping a note the next day in one of Puggg’s guest posts, but thought it would be weird. Now I’m kicking myself, but only a tiny bit. It’s not like there was a gold star riding on it.

Nee-jair is the new Yurr-en-ess. Maybe they can change their name to Affrican-Ammerican.

15 11 2017

Damn, guy.

The 27 posts that just showed up in my RSS reader are going to take a little while to get through. I mean, I can’t just skim through them like a Takimag article, or something on Social Matter. Real reading hours are going to be required.

I don’t think I’d commented more than once before the unfortunate incident, but I’m keen to see how things progress. Have you considered doing a shitposting podcast with Puggg (who’s done God’s work) and the principal author of Second City Cop?

15 11 2017

Your RSS feed must be broken. There are 28 post in yesterday evening’s post storm plus six more before then going back to Norm’s post on Monday afternoon predicating my return, so you’ve got 34 to swim through.

15 11 2017

Of the comments that have come in so far on my post storm items, there is one commenter who I do recognize, and I should recognize her because we go back to 2006.

That being:


The really good news is that she’s still around, the school district she works for has not yet collected or consumed her soul, even though it’s been trying like hell for years.

15 11 2017

Good to have you back Countenance. I hope your improvement continues.

You may not remember us, but we remember you and a lot of people are very pleased you are posting again, myself included.

15 11 2017

I don’t remember you, yet, but I see your name links to My Posting Career, which I remember, so I can only guess you either run it, help run it, or hang out there.

Just wondering if a certain someone who is associated with MPC could drive a little traffic my way? As was to be expected, my absence has meant a severe traffic decline around these parts.

15 11 2017

Hold on, let me see what I can do.

15 11 2017

For the record I do not run MPC, I just post there. You have an account there but it’s on hiatus (going back to before your recent sojourn).

15 11 2017
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