Fearful Men

14 11 2017

Boston;  Manhattan

When the Fearless Girl statue was unveiled in the FD of Lower Manhattan, I sarcastically LARPed the SJWs by stating how problematic it was from a social justice perspective for FG to be a cishet white girl, and also succumbing to the bigoted pressure of cisheteronormativity by wearing a dress, and it also engaged in equally problematic subtle fat shaming (microaggression against the overweight) by being a girl of healthy BMI for her age.  I then suggested that FG should have been a morbidly obese trans black girl named L’Booshondria sagging her pants.

I then switched back into reality mode, and told you the reason why FG was a BMI-healthy cishet white girl instead of the more social justice-y options was because she was deliberately sculpted to look like the kind of eight-year old daughter that men who work in that area would have, in order to personalize the political point the statue is trying to make, and make the men feel guilty.

During my involuntary sojourn, we found out that the real commissioner of the statue wasn’t the SJW feminist that sculpted it, but instead, some Boston-based financial services firm called State Street, which, also during my absence, we found out was in over its neck with actual blatant sex discrimination in hiring and promotion, and it settled for a YUGE BIGLY sum.  Proving that the FG statue was their manufactured look squirrel diversion.  As social justice warriorism often is.


Not L’Booshondria




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15 11 2017
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