Hamilton at the Fox

14 11 2017

Grand Center

Tickets for for the performances of Hamilton at the Fox coming up in April went on sale last month and were sold out as quick as the moment they went on sale.  Because, while St. Louis isn’t really that important anymore, it is important enough to have enough monied dopey gentry libs to scalp the tickets for $5,000 or more on STL Craigslist to other monied dopey gentry libs who want to wanker off to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fantasy that Alexander Hamilton really was a colored Jewish immigrant.

Because, for shame, or something like that.

BTW, in case you haven’t figured it out, the reason why the libs/((())) love Hamilton so much has a lot to do with my Charlottesville post you’ll find in this evening’s posting storm.  American Jews, who are almost entirely directly descended from no earlier than the post-1880 Ellis Island immigration intake, are engaged in a culture war with the pre-Ellis white American demographic mix, mostly WASPs and Germanics.  As time goes on, the demographic mix of the Important People in the United States is becoming more Ellis Island, ((())) and otherwise, and less pre-Ellis WASP/German.  Which is why the Jews are at the tip of the spear to wreck Confederate statues, even though the first government executive cabinet level Jews in American history served under Jefferson Davis, and which is why they’re extending their statue wrecking mania to the very non-CSA personages of Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Junipero Serra, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln.  It’s because the Jews are trying to rewrite American history to make themselves to be the founders.  Which means that whatever of white America or white pre-America existed before they showed up in big numbers around 1880, they either must literally wreck, or if they can’t do that, they have to retcon and revise it, hence Hamilton.  If neither are an option, e.g. Judah Benjamin and David Yulee, then just relegate them to the back burners of Wikipedia.

Just to cut something off at the pass, I know one or more of you will note that Lin-Manuel Miranda is not Jewish, nor are most of the people whose hands are wrecking these statues or wish they could.  That’s true, but moot.  If I wanted to murder you, I could either do it myself, leaving my fingerprints on the gun in the process, or agitate someone else to do it and arrange it such that whoever I agitate to do it doesn’t know that I’m the one agitating him.  The end result is the same in both the corporeal outcome and the eternal bar of justice knowing the verily guilty party, but in this world, I would definitely have plausible deniability, and better than that, nobody would even suspect me.  Get the analogy?

All I can say is that if I had the nerve to play a practical joke, I’d sneak in to one of the performances of Hamilton at the Fox, and yell out loud, “PAGING MR. ROSENBERG AND MISS SCHWARTZ!”  Half the people in the audience would look directly at me.




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