My Unique Take on Bully Gates Throwing In the Towel on Commune Core

14 11 2017


That’s right, he did just that, in effect.

Commune Core now joins Duhgenda 2000, Gaols 2000, Outhouse Based Edumacation, No Lobbyist Left Behind, Race to the Bottom, and a bevy of other fly-by-night education reform schemes in the trash heap of history.  Just as I predicted.

That leads me to my unique take.

The late Phyllis Schlafly and many other education activists of her class in the right-of-David Brooks political space make a tactical mistake when they spend too much time and make too much of a BFD over any one single of these silly ed-reform schemes.  When in reality, the more consequential matter is one step higher on the ladder:  It’s the whole industry that generates one silly ed-reform scheme after another after another as the previous ones they generate turn out to be yuge flops.  The energy and heat source which allows that industry to exist and thrive in spite of its many failures is TEH GAP, inordinate paranoia about the race-based academic achievement gaps, and the censorship of honest, science- and HBD-based explanations for said gaps.

If we can bork egalitarianism, (yeah, I know, easier said), then we bork obsessing over TEH GAP.  If we bork obsessing over TEH GAP, we pull the rug out from under the entire snake oil education reform industry which farts out one new ed-reform scam approximately every five years.  If that happens, then there’s nothing for (what’s left of) Eagle Forum to complain about.

Because that heat source doesn’t show any imminent sign of abating, this means that we’ll all continue to chase our tails, and expect the next great magic cure-all education reform scheme to be run up the flagpole in the next few years, after enough time has passed such that nobody remembers the failure of Commune Core.

The other fundamental problem, in this instance, unique to Commune Core because of the obscene wealth of its impresario, is the argumentum ad crumenam fallacy.  In other words, everyone was supposed to fall in line and presume that Bully Gates knew what he was doing on education simply because he is so filthy rich, that that the magic fairy dust he wielded to make himself filthy rich, he would also be able to use to fix the schools.  When all his money did was to build a sound and fury machine, which boosted CC, bribed officials to adopt CC, and also smeared and frustrated CC opponents.  Beyond that, all hat and no cattle.  Note that Gates and fellow Seattle zillionaire Jeff Bezos have the Washington Post in common:  Bezos now owns it, and Mrs. Bill Gates (Melinda French Gates) sits on the Board of Directors of the LLC which Bezos now controls and in turn owns the WaPo.




3 responses

14 11 2017

Gates didn’t know what he was doing. His programs were doomed to fail b/f they were implemented. His “contribution” was the “small learning communities,” IOW, small schools within schools. Didn’t work – I know of one school tyrant that still insists on using it – and that school is failing mightily.

The trend now is everything charter (both public and private) – school specification, as in music, drama, art, STEM, STEAM and other types of “academies” – they’re throwing everything at the proverbial kitchen wall to see what sticks, and from what I can see, none of it is sticking.

All boils down to IQ, baby. As Steve Sailer says: You can do the math or you can’t.

Yes, it’s that simple.

15 11 2017

I thought Gates’ ties to the Washington Post started when Buffett was close to the previous controlling family. Or it might have been during/after his fight with DOJ during the Clinton years (which shaped Silicon Valley’s relationship with politicians and agencies far more than most realize).

15 11 2017
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