My Unique Take on Catalonian Secession

14 11 2017

Barcelona, Spain (or is that Barcelona, Catalonia?)

Me, October 17, 2016:

What this does prove is that a given political elite of one of the world’s noted cities has more in common with another elite of another such city on the other side of the world than he has with someone who lives in the suburbs of his own city.

“This,” in case you’re wondering, is an article about the UN Habitat III conference held at about that time in Quito, Ecuador, which shows that various cities around the world are becoming more and more like each other and less and less like the countries they happen to be in.

What does this mean? When a city wants to secede from a country, I get suspicious and look at the whole effort sideways. If Brooklyn wanted to secede from the United States, nobody would think that Bill de Blasio suddenly turned into Richard Spencer.

Let me put it to you this way: I haven’t totally made up my mind about Catalonian secession, I have thought of pros and cons for both yea and nay, but I know for sure that there’s no serious ethnonationalist imperative involved. This is why serious Catalonian ethnonationalists oppose Catalonian secession, because they see right through the fraudulence of it all.




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