My Unique Take on Donna Brazile Going Rogue

14 11 2017

Washington, D.C.

Aside from the fact that I think her whole book is a gigantic post hoc CYA, and while I do think the DNC at the official level both attempted to rig the 2016 Democrat Presidential primaries and essentially merged with the Clinton political machine, I have never bought into the notion that any of that was the proximate cause of HRC winning the nomination ergo Bernie Sanders not, and even more than that, that outcome would have happened even if such rigging would have never happened.

That’s because there’s a very simple and obvious explanation for HRC’s margin of victory over Bernie:

Black voters.

They were the singular difference in:  (1) HRC winning more states than Bernie, (2) HRC winning more vote-determined delegates than Bernie, and (3) HRC winning more total primary and caucus raw votes than Bernie.  Which means they were the singular difference in HRC winning the nomination overall, because the superdelegates lined up behind her once all three of these things became known.  Back out all black voters, and Bernie wins more states, more regular delegates, more raw votes than HRC, at which time the supers would have fallen in line behind him and given him the nomination.

Another thing that has to be addressed, one of those lies that made it halfway to the other side of the world before the truth was able to get out of bed and put its boots on, is that Donna Brazile never claimed she had the unilateral plenary power to swap out the Clinton-Kaine ticket for a Biden-Booker ticket after HRC’s fainting spell on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  Personally, I don’t think she was ever really considering doing that in terms of something she wished she could have done, because I don’t remember the political gossip circuit lighting up at the time that she had those desires.  In fact, in searching my own posts, the only entry I have for September/October 2016 with Brazile either in the title or text is a short allusion to this minor scandal that broke about her during that time, but nothing about swapping out Presidential nominees.  I think that is just something she’s saying now for what I just said — post hoc CYA.




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15 11 2017
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