My Unique Take on the Alabama Senate Mess

14 11 2017

Montgomery, Alabama

The first part of my unique take was actually unique to me until I saw a link to this kind of speculation linked to on Drudge yesterday, that Trump would swing a deal with Jeff Sessions, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Roy Moore, to send Sessions back to the Senate, and in fact, back to the very same Senate seat which he held as late as February 8, to solve the NON-troversial mess, which is entirely a function of the Bitch McConnell Boys’ Club getting butthurt because Moore beat one of their club, in the person of Luther Strange.

The second part is as I write this unique to me.

Remember in my Trump-Korea post about Peak Boomer in today’s post storm?  Roy Moore, age 70.  Jeff Sessions, age 70.  Luther Strange, age 64.  Donald Trump, age 71.  Kay Ivey, just slightly older than Boomer age, age 73.  Mitch McConnell, incidentally an Alabama native, older still at age 75.

Where are all the forty-something people in Alabama who would like to join the United States Senate?  Why were the only two serious contenders in this special election cycle 70 and 64 years old?  Why is the speculated replacement who is the only replacement who can seem to make most everyone involved in this mess happy himself 70 years old?

Hell, where is our high level Generation X political talent?  There’s Tom Cotton, born in the same season of the same year as myself, but that’s about it.  He’s the best of the bunch, and even he suffers from the problem that his favorite country isn’t the one he lives in.  Beyond him, the thin gruel that is the universe of high level elected Gen X politicians, for the most part, isn’t anything to write home about.  That’s why the Era of Peak Boomer (with an assist from late Silents) is lasting longer than it otherwise would have, and why these old heads won’t retire, because they probably figure that we’re such duds coming up from behind them, and they have no choice but to stay on in hopes that our asses will grow up in the meantime.

Backing up for a moment, and circling this thing back around to the state of Alabama, the reason why the Era of Peak Boomer + Late Silent will last even longer in the Deep South than everywhere else is because of the Old South’s elder-deferential culture.  You don’t jump in line ahead of people older than you, you just don’t.  It’s why, when the rubber hit the road, back in 2014, Mississippi voters just couldn’t take the Senate seat away from Thad Cochran (age 76 at the time) and give it to Chris McDaniel (age 42 at the time).  There probably are forty-somethings in Alabama who do want to be in the Senate, it’s just that they don’t want to try if there are sixty-somethings and seventy-somethings who want it.

I have in the past predicted, and since then, I’ve read this same prediction elsewhere, that, assuming the continuance of the current system, and once again, an assumption I don’t make, there will never be a Gen X President, we’ll jump straight from the final Boomer (a 1959-ish birth year man or woman succeeding Trump) to the first Millennial, just as we jumped over the Silents going from the last Greatest (Bush 41) to the first Boomer (Clinton) in 1993.  I’ve also predicted that the general handoff of power and control over important institutions from the Boomers to Generation X impending in the coming years is going to be the most profound most consequential and the roughest and uncertain generational power transfer and handoff in 100 years of either side of it happening.  Now you know one reason why I made that prediction.




2 responses

15 11 2017
John Vawter

I get the feeling we’re going to jump from early Boomers, over us GenXers and maybe over the Millennials too, straight to Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

15 11 2017
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