My Unique Take on the Death of Kenneka Jenkins

14 11 2017


In spite of some of the craziness that has come out of the death of Kenneka Jenkins in Chicago, i.e. the theory that the Illuminati ordered the hotel to assassinate her in order to harvest her organs and especially her liver for the benefit of Selena Gomez, and the angry protests held near the hotel in reaction, it’s really simple: A bunch of dope boys took out a few rooms to floss their dope profits, Kenneka Jenkins was loosely attached to the gang that threw the party, so she had an “in” to the party. At the party, she got high and drunk out of ten peoples’ minds, staggered around the hotel, somehow made her way into a storage freezer, and passed out while in there, where she suffered hypothermia and died.

Sure, hers are the kind of organs you’d really want. Especially her liver.

The more interesting angle to me is where precisely in Chicago the hotel, namely, the Crowne Plaza, can be found. It’s not in Chicago itself, but in the suburb of Rosemont, which is next to O’Hare and mostly consists of airport-themed businesses, including a lot of hotels. Just as St. Louis’s black dope dealers like to celebrate profitable weeks by partying at hotels near Lambert, so it seems that Chicago’s black dope dealers do the same near O’Hare. I wonder what’s up with that — Do they think the airport emits some sort of magical talisman quality that makes hotels near it good places to throw drug dealer parties? Since these are the kind of people that rarely leave their cities, they’re not partying near an airport in order to make a quick getaway.

And that leads to my most important point: The taboo matter here is what I just wrote, the dope dealer parties. In a more healthy social and political culture, the hotel owners would be able to turn away the business of these obviously shady looking black people. Or, if a respectable looking front man or woman booked the room(s), and a dope dealer party wound up happening, the hotel could toss ’em out. Except we don’t have a healthy social and political culture right now, we have a diverse one. Just ask the St. Louis-based Adam’s Mark chain about what happens when hotels turn away shady black people. And, once again, keeping up with the recurring theme of this evening’s post storm, everyone important circles the wagons around black dope dealers and protects them.  Subversive thinking alert:  Maybe this is why.

Long and short, if the Crowne Plaza in Rosemont had the right to turn away shady black business, that particular dope dealer gang party would have never happened at that hotel, Kenneka Jenkins wouldn’t have been there, bonkering herself out on booze and dope, and she’s still be alive today.  For whatever that’s worth.




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15 11 2017
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