My Unique Take on the Jason Stockley Verdict and Aftermath (Plus the Denouement of This Evening’s Posting Storm)

14 11 2017


I know something you don’t know, nanny nanny boo boo.

And with my addled and hobbled brain, it’s rare these days that I can brag about that.

During my involuntary sojourn, in fact, right during my second hospitalization stint in the middle of September, our town got a little too exuberant. It’s very much a stretch to call what happened riots; at best, they were minor civil disturbances. A bunch of BLM types, local white/(((white))) far lefties, and your usual band of professional protestors that schlep from town to town, running around in the middle of streets showing their asses off during the day, and then a few undertow goons kicking in windows during the night. This all could have developed into something much more like the Fergaza Strip, but the cops did a pretty good job keeping a lid on the pot. In fact, the cops did such a good job that I see now that some of the protesters and activist groups are crying uncle to the DOJ, (Jeff Sessions’s DOJ!!!!!), to the Federal courts, and in general, which must mean the cops actually did a great job rather than a good one. Otherwise, to those of you who called these things “riots,” then I bid thee cut out the melodramatic drama queenism.

There’s another thing which kept the exuberance from becoming full blown riots.

Something about how I know something you don’t know. Because, nanny nanny boo boo.

If that which I know would have been discovered and made widespread public knowledge either during the run up to the issuance of the verdict or the height of the exuberance after the verdict, it would have made the disturbances much worse. In fact, I’m very surprised that that which I know wasn’t figured out and made public; I would have thought that the left’s volunteer doxxing army would have unearthed it. That it was not most likely means that very very very few people know this particular secret, and the few people that do know it aren’t telling, and in fact, we’ll all take this dark dastardly secret to our graves with us. Of course, I shouldn’t be talking about “grave” in my condition, considering I almost ended up in one. Doesn’t matter, I’ll wind up in one eventually, and the secret is going with me.

If you don’t know this secret, I should already warn you: DADT.

Another angle that I’m surprised nobody else has picked up on in the whole Stockley matter is the Angela Corey Syndrome. There is a school of thought out there, some of you reading these words believe it, that Angela Corey didn’t really want to try to prosecute George Zimmerman, but succumbed to public pressure, so to reconcile, she deliberately overcharged Zimmerman knowing full well that no jury would convict him. That way, she would get her cake of no conviction for Zimmerman and eat it too by appearing to have “cared” enough to try to prosecute. I think some of that went on with Stockley. Remember, during the trial phase of this case, the Circuit Attorney transitioned from Jennifer Joyce to Kim Gardner. While Gardner was the public face of the Circuit Attorney’s office during the Waiting for Godot of the verdict and the aftermath of the verdict, it was actually Joyce’s CA’s office that started the prosecution. I think Jennifer Joyce was our Angela Corey, in that she didn’t want to prosecute Stockley, but she yielded to public pressure, so she overcharged Stockley, with Murder One, knowing full well that she’d never get a jury (or judge, since Stockley opted for a bench trial) to convict on Murder One. Kim Gardner, OTOH, probably would have started out with the lesser kind of charges that actually had a chance of ending with guilty verdicts.

To end this post, I want to reiterate a theory I came up with so long ago that I was still technically in my twenties when I did. I reverse engineered the hard-to-far left, (at the time, I was only concerned about anarchists, but it’s also true of pretty much the entire universe of hard-to-far left public activism, blacks included), and its most vociferous demands and the straws that stirs its drinks, what gets it out on the streets. I came to the conclusion that it all points back to dope, the desire for a plentiful and legal consequence free supply of what are now considered illicit street drugs. A lot of what transpired in this town post-verdict only served as evidence, not the least of which is that Anthony Lamar Smith was a heroin dealer. Just pay close attention to the news and to the hard and far left, and even some of the more mainstream left (*), and you’ll be amazed not only how often and how intensely they go to the mat and go to the wall on behalf of dope dealers and dope users, but you’ll be angry at yourself for not seeing this obvious correlation which was hiding in plain sight five feet in front of your nose.

I’m going to conclude with the denouement of this evening’s post storm, in light of the fact that I am going to upload this post the latest so that it appears first, and in light of the common theme of many of this evening’s post, which is dope.  The real reason Jason Stockley was prosecuted was NOT necessarily because the Circuit Attorney (either Joyce or Gardner) deliberately wanted explicitly either a guilty verdict or a not guilty verdict.  The point in bringing charges against him was that the process was the punishment, and a signal to all the other cops:  Leave the thug dindu dope dealers alone as long as they stay on the wrong side of the tracks and keep their shit among people who are with the shits, let them have their thug honeypots in the wrong part of town, and do just enough enforcement on the dope crime front to create enough risk in the game to drive the risk-reward continuum to the reward side to create enough profitability to attract the wrong people.  Because, as long as the wrong people are victimizing each other and bing-banging each other, it means they’re NOT victimizing the important people in this town.  N’Deshawntavious mowing down Ooktavious over dope money in Walnut Park means that neither N’Deshawntavious nor Ooktavious are burglarizing houses in Ladue.  If cops get the idea that they can kill dope dealers because they got into questionable conflagrations with them because they didn’t just drive on by and hear-no-see-no-speak-no, then the wrong side of town won’t find staying in the wrong side of town very comfortable, and instead, they’ll start crossing the tracks over into the right side of town where important people live.  I now think, in light of finding out that GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS was a small time dealer with those “shocking new revelations” that came out on that documentary screened and unveiled at SXSW earlier this year, that this kind of thing was the real subversive reason why the system went after Darren Wilson.


SHOT: St. Louis City Department of Health, the executive level municipal agency that has responsibility over public health concerns in the city, has billboards and bus stop advertisements up all over the city about the opiate epidemic and what to do about it.

CHASER: The St. Louis City Board of Aldermen, the city’s legislative branch, passed a resolution back in September honoring a heroin dealer.

(*) – K-Sue Park thinks she’s so clever in cloaking her concerns behind the notion that a “…black kid who gets thrown in jail for possessing a small amount of marijuana will face consequences that will directly affect his ability to have a voice in public life,” but in reality, what she’s really worried about is that she’s a user and/or her kids are users, and she doesn’t want the cops picking on her or her kids, so she hides her selfish concerns behind the very social justicey cause of “black kids.”




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14 11 2017

Hey I forgot to tell you when we talked on the phone yesterday, but that secret which you won’t tell, I wound up finding out. Don’t worry, I won’t tell either. Remind me to tell you how I found out when we talk on the phone next, in case I forget to do it myself.

15 11 2017

Bringing back the Mokwa doctrine, eh?

15 11 2017
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