My Unique Take on the Unite the Right Aftermath

14 11 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia

The far left in reaction to Charlottesville (a set of circumstances that, as I see Norm correctly diagnosed in this space during my sojourn, is entirely the responsibility of the McAuliffe/Signer/Sullivan/Antifa axis of evil (*)), is so transparent, yet I, even in the middle of having a far less than fully functional brain at the time I observed all this and thought of this angle, seem to be the only one who thought of it. As an aside, but for the “accident,” I would have gone to C-Ville myself, as I was so planning.

If a marriage isn’t going so well and hasn’t for awhile, and the wife finds smoking gun proof that the husband is cheating, the first thing she does is get out the wedding DVD or wedding photo album and start watching it slash looking at it, and then she cries her eyes out either during or after.

Al Bundy’s life in middle age was crummy. So what did he do? Constantly reminisce about his four touchdown game in high school.

If you’re a disappointed Trump supporter these days, you try to paper over your despondency by going back and watching Election Night 2016 coverage on YouTube. Yes, I’ll get to him in another item in today’s post storm.

The point here is that when things aren’t going that well in a particular aspect of our lives, our natural habit is to dwell on the past when that aspect of our lives was new, and we had so much (perhaps naive) hope for the future and hope for the thing that was beginning. The wedding day, the four touchdown game. All to mask the cold hard reality that he turned out to be a cheating dog, and his life went all downhill and shoe salesman from there.

Net it out: We dwell on past glory to paper over present agony.

Let’s loop this back around to Charlottesville and the far left.

What are the three biggest body blows on behalf of egalitarianism in American history? (Hard core neoreactionaries will say that the very beginning of American history was its own biggest body blow for egalitarianism, but for now, let’s leave that be.)

The Union military victory in the War Between the States, the American participation in the victorious Allied military effort in World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The third, of course, depended on and was an inevitable consequence of the first two. We beat those big bad evil forces of the Confederacy, Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South, got those motherfuckers told.

And now, current year, current decade, current epoch, that all these egalitarian-left victories have not resulted in the promised utopia, in the way that the utopians thought should be happening right now? Whence the cheating husband and failed shoe salesman life?

Right, the wedding photo album, the four touchdown game.

The hard left and far left are mentally locked in on their past glory to cover up present disappointment. They’re trying to reenact the WBTS, WWII and the CRM all over again all at the same time.

Let me fill in the blanks: They’re trying to reenact the War Between the States (tearing down Confederate/-ish statues and monuments), World War II (Antifa violence and militancy), and the Civil Rights Movement (marching in the streets and the general enthusiasm for street activism), all over again, all at the same time. They’re reenacting their past massive wins, because the good ole days and ole times sake, and because their massive wins of the past have not resulted in utopia in the present.

We dwell on past glory to paper over present agony.

Another angle, one that that may or may not be unique to my formulation, is that C-Ville itself, August 11 and 12, is that those two days were basically a good ole fashioned primal imperative battle over territory, with the ideological preening serving as an opaque front for the racial-ethnic-tribal angst between normal “white bread” gentile white cishet people on our side, and largely blacks and Jews on the enemy side. Our tribe invaded the turf of an enemy tribe, the enemy tribe defended its turf (“Whose streets? Our streets!”). Of course, the enemy side had indispensable help from mercenaries, i.e. people who get to wield badges and guns and whose paychecks are signed by either Terry McAuliffe or Michael Signer or Teresa Sullivan.

Warning: This should NOT be interpreted to mean that they’re losing power.

Note:  This post segues into another item in today’s post storm, about Hamilton the musical.


Antifa and Co. were supposed to overthrow the system and overthrow the evil regime, Saturday before last, but it turned out to be a big flop.  So much so that they hardly had any turnout in Portland, Oregon, which is saying quite a lot.

I can uniquely explain that, too.

Antifa as a movement is in reality a word that is often used to describe us:  Reactionary.  You can see that in the name of their movement:  Antifa, aka Anti-Fa, aka Anti-Fascist.  Plain words, if there’s no plausible fascism, then there’s no point in organizing against it.  Can’t spell antifa without fa.  The reason the November 4 Uprising plonked is that there were no fas to be anti over.  It’s one thing to construe people like me, much less a typical alt-liter, much less still an enhanced normiecon, as a fascist that needs to be resisted NOW otherwise gas chambers.  When we (and by “we,” I mean specifically the Alt-Right per my definition) do public events and street theater, we’re an easy obvious visible target for Antifa, so that’s why they show up.  The problem for the November 4 organizers was that they didn’t provide enough of a plausible believable fascist enemy, and, as it turned out, the person of Donald J. Trump doesn’t make a good fa.

(*) – Norm, the words you’re looking for are “moral suasion.”




6 responses

14 11 2017

“We dwell on past glory, to paper over present agony.”
That is a great quote Puggg and very true.
Not just with the antifa but in our own lives as well. It’s a way to deal with but not truly accept the bad that is happening. Or maybe the acceptance comes later after going through the stages of grief.

14 11 2017

I know it’s been awhile, but it’s me, not Puggg. Norm will always start his posts with “Guest Post By Puggg” whereas I use some sort of geographical or place moniker.

14 11 2017
Marc Zuckurburg

“Whose streets? Our streets!”

Antifa’s new slogan:

Whose basements? Our parents’ basements!

15 11 2017
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