My Unique Take on This NFL Season’s Kneeling Hoopla

14 11 2017



Simple. Yet, only yours truly, so it seems.

“Huh? What’s with the cryptic gibberish? That must have been a really bad hit you took in the noggin, normal host.”

Yeah, well, it was. But that’s beside the point.

The league, the commissioner and the team owners are trying to buy political capital among and with the left wing and the Democrat Party, so that they in turn will tell one of the blue party’s major constituent lobbying groups, the trial lawyer lobby, to go really easy on the NFL when it comes to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) lawsuits. CTE, speaking of taking bad hits in the noggin.  The oncoming storm of CTE lawsuits is not only a severe threat to the NFL’s finances, but it’s also an existential threat to the whole game of football.

Likewise, you’ll see that the common denominator of many of the league’s seemingly contradictory measures in the recent handful of months is that it sides with the sociopolitical gripes of the black undertow, which of course spawns a majority of its players, and of course all those players belong to a union, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). The league and its owners fear that if the players are mad, they’ll be more demanding when the next collective bargaining agreement (CBA, i.e. union contract) negotiations are up in a few years. Which means in order not to make the black kids angry, (Roger Goodell is being all Colin Flaherty up in here), the league and (most of its)(*) owners want to act like they’re woke and down with BLM.

Like I wrote here often before my own involuntary sojourn, social justice warriorism is often a front/diversion for economic concerns, especially big money, corporate, ((())), and plutocratic concerns.  (And something happened over the last few months which proved me right, in spades). If my unique theories are right here, then it’s just the league and owners doing the CYA thing purely as a front to head off the threat of big judgments in CTE lawsuits and a potentially player-friendly CBA deal in a few years hurting bottom lines.

Remember, Occam’s Razor, Generation X Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

A sidenote to all this is that a few weeks back, to try to placate the players ergo the NFLPA, Roger Goodell offered them the deal of the players giving up on the PR clusterfuck of the kneeling in exchange for the league throwing its weight behind political agitation to make the legal system go easy on drug crime defendants. Which, once again, is one of the running themes of today’s post storm, that dope is the straw that stirs the drink for the hard left, far left, SJWs, BLM. Of course, we here in red pill city know that the system already goes easy on drug crime defendants, and if it seems like it doesn’t, it’s only because the harsh sentences for the “drug crimes” are the end result of plea bargaining, or that the system really does slam the hammer hard on drug dealers. Which is the dirty little secret: If there was any way to find out officially, we’d all be surprised to find out the very high percentage of the gross domestic product of the black American ghetto undertow that comes from dealing dope, combined with the multiplier effects (Escalades, mama’s weave and bling, other discretionary conspicuous consumption, are often purchased with dope dealing profits). That’s what they really mean when they want “criminal justice reform” or “drug law reform” — Go easy on the (black undertow) dealers.  Of course, you can’t tell the thick skulled dumbass dindus about this thing called the risk-reward continuum, meaning the risk of law enforcement getting interested in your hobby is precisely what makes the illicit dope trade lucrative to begin with.  If dope was de jure or de facto legal, it would become just another low margin agricultural commodity.

Back to the subject, the league and the owners just presumed that normie middle American white bread white people were too socially thrown in to feetzball ever to be upset enough to hit the power button on the TV during Sunday afternoons. And they presumed wrong. I already explained to you more than a year ago why marginal ratings decreases are way more serious than their face percentage terms suggest, and why they carry yuge marginal leverage.

Speaking of yuge, as for Trump’s part, why he cranked the engine on the Tweeter and otherwise, I thought of the theory that he did all this to get revenge against the NFL for the whole USFL affair in the 1980s, but I see now a few others have thought of that angle, which means I can’t claim it as a personal exclusive.

One more thing about the NFL’s problems this season, that I think isn’t a unique take: The league’s California problem, its low attendance for its four current California teams, can largely be explained by demographics. The NFL’s two big wheel house demographics are: White bread white normies of anywhere between working class and near upper middle class, and black Americans. Both groups have been on the wane in California in terms of population demographics for a long time. The ascendant population demographics in the state, billionaires, Chicanos, East Asians, just aren’t that into football.


I don’t care about football that much, but I’ll speak on behalf of all the people that patronize Caste Football, and say that if Jesse Jackson really does think that the NFL is slavery, then he should be Moses and lead his people out of bondage.

That said, if you think the NFL is slavery, then you can’t turn right around and get mad at an NFL owner for comparing players to inmates.

(*) – Jerry Jones being a yuge notable exception, but NOT because of some sense of magnanimity or patriotism or loyalty.  Papa John’s, a big NFL sponsor, is thinking about jumping off the boat, and not coincidentally, Jerry Jones is heavily invested in a bevy of Papa John’s franchises.  It’s all about his precious pocketbook. 



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15 11 2017

So transparent, he knows a big chunk of the NBA smokes weed, so he just wants a rule carve-out to create a plausible defense (“I need it for medicinal reasons”) when one of them drops a poz weed test.

15 11 2017
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28 11 2017
David In TN

As for “protesting” black athletes, I’ve seen it before in the late 60’s-early 70’s. Circa 1971-72 college football TV broadcasts did individual player introductions (pro football didn’t) and black players, sometimes every one on a team would give a black power salute. The white players (the majority then) appeared to be indifferent to it. ,

In a couple of years, the practice faded out. For one thing, the sports press never remarked on it.

What’s different now? Blacks are a big majority. The NFL hierarchy has to coddle them, or so they assume.

Here’s a second hand anecdote. My brother used to teach at a private school. He also helped coach the athletic teams. At a reunion some 20 years ago, he talked to a man who had recently been a student at the school.

This fellow later played some at an SEC school (not Tennessee BTW). He described the players as “a bunch of thugs. The only way to deal with them is to stand your ground and not back down.”

As you cannot fail to notice, the demographic makeup of the typical NFL team is the same as the typical SEC team. The NFL bosses have backed down.

Now the fans. Most white NFL fans are Republican voters, certainly a big chunk of them. These people like to watch football as entertainment that takes you away from the daily news, which is usually the permanent whining of MSM and democrat party’s pets.

These “protests” have made it impossible to get away from it. Also, the typical white NFL fan doesn’t know about the 1965 immigration law and doesn’t want to know his country is fading away. The typical white fan knows (sort of) about black crime and dysfunction but prefers not to think about it.

Most fans profess to “honor our men and women who sacrifice for us” and are sentimental about flag and country. They see millionaire football players whom they understand at some level are rather dubious characters anyway mocking what they hold dear.

So disrespecting the flag gets to these people as serious nation threatening issues do not. As Samuel Francis wrote in one of his last essays about Bush 43’s 2004 reelection victory, “Self described conservatives think everything is just fine and like being told that.”

The flag protests have thrown it in their face that things are not all that fine.

29 11 2017

I know the two sports whose viewership is the most R on the two party split are golf and college football. Both sports invoke the territorial imperative in some way, college football is the most territorially imperative sport going, for reasons I know you saw in my post yesterday, while golf carries the testosterone-y imperative of both territory and a big game hunting expedition.

29 11 2017

Late breaking:

It says half of the loot will go to a new c-3 affiliated with the NFLPA. Which will probably be an employment agency slush fund for players’ friends and relatives. Because social justice.

15 12 2017
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