My Unique Take on the Crazyauntization of YouTube Videos (“Limited State” aka Quarantining)

14 11 2017

Oakton, Virginia

I figured out the time of day a long time ago, in fact, long before YouTube was even twinkles in the eyes of Messrs. Karim, Chen and Hurley.

As I heard one quack after another after another parade on and off the Art Bell and then George Noory show, proclaiming that everything they were telling us about space goobers kidnapping people, beaming them up into their flying saucers, shoving probes up their asses, and then darting off to Fezelinigiblauten-9, were things the government doesn’t want us to know, I was like: On 500+ radio stations, every one of them has an FCC license? How does that work? Meanwhile, at the same time I thought of that, I realized that if Jared Taylor could be seen or heard on FCC-licensed terrestrial broadcast media more times per year than he could count on one of his hands, we were all lucky.

Therefore, it was absolutely no surprise to me when I saw, during my involuntary sojourn, that one of the very first videos that the Googitburo/Goolag quarantined as part of its new video-cum-crazy-aunt-in-the-basement scheme (“Limited State” aka quarantining) wasn’t a 45-minute pseudoscientific marathon about how the Earth is flat, but a Jared Taylor video.

Most of the time, self-proclaimed anti-establishmentarians, especially the ones that get a suspiciously high level of non-negative official publicity, are nothing more than useful idiot dummy loads (*) for TPTB. Just for his unperson status, it’s easy to see that Jared Taylor really is telling us what they don’t want us to know.

All that having been said, resist the temptation to take this too ideologically-personally.  The energy and heat source behind Limited State isn’t contempt for the Alt-Right, per se, but corporatism, pandering to corporate advertising accounts.  Ever since Limited State got up and running, a lot of leftist videos have been crazyaunted, and what they have in common is that they’re populist and anti-corporate in editorial bent.  The Googitburo/Goolag has a direct incentive to keep big ad accounts in the fold, and those run quicker than Usain Bolt from a steroid test away from anything that’s sociopolitically controversial.  As time goes on, the only kind of videos on YouTube will be mindless fluff, and if sociopolitical commentary is allowed to exist, it will be of the sort that is within the tight Overton window of corporate-friendly neoliberalism-neoconservatism.


Very late breaking, but I can also throw you a unique take on Hawley suing the Goolag.  Hawley has just manufactured a very creative political hammer to use against Claire next year.  For non-locals, the newly minted Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley, the only corporeal individual I voted “for” (and the vote really wasn’t so much “for” him as it was “against” other people and things) other than Trump last year, is just about 100% certain to be Claire McCaskill’s opponent next year in the U.S. Senate election.

(*) – Fellow hams will know what I mean by that.





10 responses

14 11 2017

dit dah dit

14 11 2017
Alright Dan


I love that word!

14 11 2017
John Vawter

Guitarists use a similar device to a dummy load called a power soak. Here’s a website that lists YT videos in limited state:

15 11 2017
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18 11 2017
Dr Duke

Soon as I read “dummy load” my first thought was the “Cantenna” Radio Shack used to sell.

24 11 2017

Proof that it’s corporate-linked advertising driving this:

But note here that the pedobear videos weren’t crazyaunted.

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