Whatchya Doin, Hillary?

14 11 2017


Just as we in the Alt-Right see spray painted swastika and immediately think, “Whatchya doin’ Rabbi?,” and we see KKK graffiti and immediately think, “Whatchya doin’ Leroy?,” turns out this whole MUH RUSSIA thing was purely a matter of “Whatchya Doin’ Hillary?”

The only way she comes out of this smelling less bad than she otherwise would is if we learn in the long run that the British intel agents exclusively made up the golden showers documents, which of course were the proximate causation of any and every element of the phony “Russian collusion” hysteria/investigation, and at the same time there is affirmative evidence that she thought they were real.  My instincts tell me that she knew that she was paying for hoax documents even if she didn’t help concoct what was in them.  My cynicism informs me that more than that, she was part of the fabrication of the contents.

The much ballyhooed indictment of Paul Manafort, (a matter of Robert Mueller digging for gold and accidentally finding copper), is a paintball that is way more likely to splat in the face of the 2016 Democrat Presidential nominee than the fact of the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee.  Speaking of, when the news broke that Manafort was being indicted, I bet a certain Corey L. did a boogy woogy victory dance.




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15 11 2017
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