From Bugatti to Corvette

16 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

I have to address something.

“You’re doing fine, and I can see it from all your writing in the last few days,” so saith the peanut gallery.

Don’t go by that.

First off, anyone who used to be able to drive a car, and now is not able to drive a car and probably won’t be able to drive a car for the near foreseeable future isn’t doing fine.

But none of you come here to watch me drive a car.

I’m the world’s foremost expert on myself, have been for over 40 years.  So you’re going to have to take it from me as a matter of trust that I’ve lost quite a lot of speed on my cognitive fastball, in terms of apparent functional IQ, mental acuity, speed of thinking, reaction time.  Those who know me personally and in a corporeal sense can also attest to that.  Then there’s the matter of my lingering problems with names and people who I haven’t known for that long, which includes most of you in these comment boxes.  Though that’s not a cognitive problem, as such, it’s a memory problem.

But I’m trying to get to a more fundamental point:

The reason it doesn’t seem to any of you like I’m doing cognitively worse is because the loss of my function, and the uncertainty of whether I’ll ever get back what I lost, doesn’t show up in the printed word.  For much the same reason that if you have to downgrade from a Bugatti Chiron to a 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1, and all people ever see you do is go 120 on flat straight empty roads, nobody is going to think that you just suffered an automotive downgrade.

For the time being, and maybe permanently, my brain has downgraded from hypercar to mere supercar.

However, the Bugatti to Corvette marginal dropoff is devastating to me in many aspects of my professional life, which, compared to my political prose, is more like a race between hypercars at Talladega, including my (who knows what will become of) my startup.




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16 11 2017
Pinned Post (Newer Content Follows Below) | Countenance Blog

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16 11 2017
Alright Dan

I guess everyone here was worried about you becoming:

16 11 2017

I could have wound up being:

18 11 2017

On the same day I wrote this, Elon Musk used the opportunity of his official introduction of the Tesla Big Rig (“We’ve got us an electric convoy”) as a cover to introduce a new coal-powered hypercar.

To be fair, though, the Tesla Roadster 2020 only needs the electric equivalent of 268 hp to beat the 1400+ hp Bugatti Chiron in 0-60, 0-100 and the quarter mile. Probably because of the far reduced weight.

30 04 2018
Ninth Month of Recovery | Countenance Blog

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