“Good Schools”

29 11 2017

St. Louis County

A tale of two taxing jurisdictions.

At the end of the single-sentence third paragraph, I knew what this article was really all about:

The Steve and Lyda Show.

But we know what it should really be about:

Bell Curve City.


This tells all:

Take the Parkway School District. All of the real estate there combined is worth $4.2 billion, compared to $215 million for Normandy School District. Parkway has 17,400 kids enrolled, and Normandy has 3,100.

One of the big reasons why Parkway has $4.2b worth of real estate in it whilst Normandy only has $215m is because of student demographics.  Parkway has good students, for the most part, almost all white, gentile, middle to upper middle class, except for Central Junior/Senior, which has a lot of Asians and Jews, (remember “White Lives Matter?”), whilst Normandy has gentle giants.

Remember, the residential real estate business is for the most part parents choosing classmates, friends and peer groups for their children.

Also remember that in the 1950s, Normandy was the Parkway of its day.

What it means is that in areas of poor real estate valuation, they have to make up for it by having a high rate for real estate and an astronomical rate for cars.

Looping this back around to the gentle giant, one of the area’s open secrets busted open after his untimely passing and the Obama Justice Department’s sudden interest in North County law enforcement, that being all the dime-a-dozen postage stamp municipalities in North County, of which Velda City is one, are nothing more than speed traps and revenue collectors.  Instead of the Steve and Lyda Show, maybe there ought to be either consolidation or disincorporation of the North County postage stamps.  Maybe we could also talk about how annual real estate and automobile taxes are unconstitutional because they’re a violation of substantive due process, because some elected or appointed political schlub just arbitrarily decides how much a given house or a given car is worth and then plugs that into an equation to come up with your bill.  But we’re not going to talk about those things, because the objective of this article is pump priming for the Steve and Lyda Show, all for the two subversive purposes of being able to use white county residents as statistical cover for the violence and sexual promiscuity of city blacks, and also to eliminate the 22nd Judicial Circuit for the pleasure of the insurance lobby.




2 responses

30 11 2017

I’d suggest taking a look at the contracted debt collectors and/or counsel for said postage stamps. Or, if they are allowed to do so, cash managenent/short-term tax financing notes/revenue bonds.

2 12 2017
Dale Gribble

We had dinner with wife’s old college friend in your burg last weekend. She is a counselor in one of the Fegusontrificating districts in the County. She was recovering from a bad thumb sprain when one of her students got a little too vibrant on her.
She lamented how her district is gettting more and more Fegusony by the day. She would prefer to work in a District farther west but has elderly parents who need her care.
How far out do you have to go to teach in a white school district before you bump into Columbia?

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